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    Flat Tire at 80mph! Scary!

    So I'm sitting on the side of highway I-10 right now waiting for my buddy to come pick me up in his truck. I just got a flat rear tire while doing 80mph on my Dr650. At first It just felt like the road was real bumpy, then as I started to slow down the rear end started skidding back and forth very intensely. I thought I was going down for sure but managed to get onto the shoulder upright. My question is why did this happen? I just replaced this tire yesterday with a brand new Shinko 705 using the existing tube. I've replaced the tires on this bike a couple times before with no problems. Currently the right hand side bead is dislodged and outside of the rim. In one spot there is a small tear on the bead, in another spot the bead is chaffed up. Would damaging the bead while installing the tire cause this to happen? I rode 50 miles to work this morning with no problems. I rode 20 miles home before this happened. The tube on the tire is now flat. I head a loud pop which I'm pretty sure happened after I started to lose control. I'm not sure if this noise was the bead comming off or the tube popping. Any ideas? I'll post pictures of what the bead looks like when I get home. Thanks!
  2. gregmercer

    Preventative Maintenance for high mileage DR650

    Which number O-rings are you talking about? #15 or #16? The needle jet (#11) has been known to wear out as well, correct?
  3. I just hit the 30,000 mile mark on my DR650. I almost strictly ride roads, using it to commute to work. What types of problems can I expect to see in the near future? What types of preventative maintenance should I perform to keep her running top-notch. I'm on my third chain and second sprocket set. I've adjusted the valves a few times. Keep the chain oiled and clean. Breaks pads, replaced break fluid. Change oil and filter every 3,000 miles. What else can I do? Are there any problems riders begin to see at 30 or 50,000 miles?
  4. gregmercer

    Exhaust Problem

    I use my DR650 to commute to work and ride about 600 miles/ week. Last week on my ride home, when cruising on the highway I noticed the sound of my exhaust to change a little. I was only about three miles away from the house so figured I would just check it out when I got home. Well, when I got home this is what I found. Does anyone know where I can buy a repalcement end cap? I'm not even sure what type of FMF exhaust this is. It was on the bike when I bought it. I tried going back to look for the end cap but was unsuccesful. Thanks!
  5. gregmercer

    Chain Master-link CRIMP

    After breaking two clip-type master links I decieded to buy a crimp type. I have a DID x-ring chain. Is there anything I can use to crimp this master link without having to buy a $100 tool? Any ideas / reccomendations? THANKS!
  6. gregmercer

    Why such bad gas mileage?

    My needle jet doesn't look worn to my untrained eye. What exactly does a worn one look like? Today I filled up after riding 104.8 miles with 2.54 gallons which gives me around 41 MPG. This is after moving the clip on the needle from the 4th notch down up to the 3rd notch down. A little better but I would really like to be getting around 50 MPG. I have a big Givi 45 liter hard case on the back. Could this have a poor effect on fuel economy? Would switching to a 16t front sprocket really not help my fuel economy considering about 80% of my miles are on the highway riding about 75mph?
  7. gregmercer

    New 16t sprocket suggestions

    I'm going to replace my current cs sprocket with a 16t. Right now I have the stock chain and sprockets. I've got 14,000 miles on my 2005 dr650. Should I replace the chain and rear sprocket? I would really like to just replace the front sprocket right now. If i go this route, what sprocket do you recommend? Steel, aluminum? I'm a little short on cash right now so I would like to keep it cheap.
  8. gregmercer

    Why such bad gas mileage?

    Thanks for the help, I'm going to check the needle jet and o rings. I know the plunger isn't stuck. What size sprockets do you all recommended for me for better gas mileage?
  9. gregmercer

    shinko 705 tire size

    I run the 140/80 and love it. Would certainly recommend the 705's and that size.
  10. gregmercer

    Why such bad gas mileage?

    I have a 2005 dr650 with 14,000 miles. I'm currently getting about 36-38 mpg. I have the air box mod, FMF pipe, dj160 main jet, clip on the forth down (just moved it to the third down last night to try it), 15/43 gears, Shinko 705 tires, I ride about 70% highway, 30% city roads. I drive the thing like an old man, easy on the throttle. My commute is about to to go from 80 miles a day to 150 a day so I would like to improve my gas mileage. Any ideas? I'm think I'm going to put some higher gearing on it since I'll be riding mostly highway. Any recommendations?
  11. gregmercer

    Dr 650 Clutch Problem

    I'll start this from the beginning incase any of the information is relevant to my problem. It all started yesterday, I decided the DR650 was ready for an oil change. Drained the oil, changed the filter, went to go re-install the oil plug and it was stripped out. Went to Advance Auto Parts - they had a tool called plug saver The tool worked great! It threads into a M14 - 1.25 hole, reams it out to the bigger size, taps new threads. You then install one of the steel inserts, tap it with the tool and hammer to, then can use a regular oil plug again. While using this tool, I put heavy grease on it to catch the aluminum shavings. After I was done, I poured three quarts of oil through the motor to hopefully wash out any shavings I missed. I then installed the new oil plug, tighten it up and thought life was good. I went on to clean my air filter then re-oil it. Woke up this morning, reinstalled my air filter, then decided to ride my DR about 20 miles round trip to go pick up some brake fluid to replace the brake fluid in the bike. Bike ran perfectly, got home, put the bike on the stand, replaced all the brake fluid, purged the brakes, adjusted the throttle cable, tightened and oiled the chain, put air in the tires. Then started it up to take it for a quick test ride. It started up fine, about a block away, I noticed the clutch was VERY stiff, after squeezing it a couple more times I heard a grinding noise coming from the cable so turned around to go home to check it out. Removed the clutch cable, the cable pulls through with a little bit of resistance, nothing serious but not like what a brand new cable would do. Then I tried to push the little clutch lever on the motor. It is very difficult to push in with my hand. So i figured I had the whole day off, I might as well crack open the crank case, check out the inside and while I'm in there put some locktite on the neutral switch bolts. This was my first time working on a clutch. I removed all the friction plates, inspected each one and they all look fine (to my untrained eye). I then removed the the basket holding the plates to get to the neutral switch then reinstalled everything. Put everything back together and the clutch is still very hard to pull! Also, now when I shift the bike from neutral to first it jumps forward and the bike stalls. A few notes - *the past few weeks the bikes electric clutch switch has been finicky, sometimes I'll have to pull and release the clutch a few times to get the bike to let me start it *when I opened the crank case, the cover had milky gunk on the inside, the oil that drained out however was not milky What do you all think the problem could be????
  12. gregmercer

    DR650 Fork Seal Leak...

    I'll have to try that first... If that does work, can anyone give me an idea of what it takes to add/ change the oil in the forks...?
  13. gregmercer

    DR650 Fork Seal Leak...

    I would like to do it myself so I can learn how... I'm sure they need to be done, its a 1992 with 12,000 miles. I don't know if the old owner has ever done them or not... It just seems weird that I have been riding it for the past few months without a single leak then as soon as its loaded up in my truck that both of the forks leak... I've done a search in TT and I've found a few websites and threads with instructions on how to do it, but nobody has a Dr650 specific that I have yet to find. Any other tips for a first timer?
  14. gregmercer

    DR650 Fork Seal Leak...

    If I do need to replace my seals and bushing, which I'm guessing I do... Does anyone have any advice for me? I've never done it before...
  15. gregmercer

    DR650 Fork Seal Leak...

    I put my Dr650 in the back of my truck for a long 12 hour drive today and when I arrived, I noticed both of my fork seals leaked a good amount of oil.... Why did this happen? I used 2 straps on it, one on each side of the handle bar. I compressed the shocks a little, but not more than I ever have with any other dirt bike I have owned... Does anyone have any guesses why this happened during the ride?