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    Best bike for Me? crf150RB or crf230?

    I own (wife rides) a 05 CRF230F and a 07 CRF150RB (yes, she is spoiled, but I get to ride more that way!!!). These bikes are VERY different animals. The CRF230 is a trail bike with soft non-adjustable suspension. It has a low first gear which is great for hills and bar-width trail riding. The CRF150RB is a track bike; tall first gear, requires lots of clutching at low speeds, but has better suspension and is MUCH faster. With that said I (06 CRF250R highly modified racer) perfer the 230 for trail riding with the wife, kids and the old slow guys from the hood. I am 5'7" and 145 lbs and feel like a GIANT on the 150RB. If you are looking for a fun, all-round trail bike (plus electric start!) the 230 wins - no contest (especially for a beginner). If you are under 5'6" and under 130 llbs and want a racer get the CRF150RB!
  2. RTHerrington2

    Jetting Help

    Try: http://www.whitebrothers.com/2007/JettingSpec/MX4/Honda_MX4.pdf
  3. RTHerrington2

    White Brothers Duals

    I have the Alum Pro Duals on my 06. They are quite loud - but make mucho power. Throttle response is improved. This weekend I hope to put in the spark arrestors and figure that jetting out. The bike will hardly run with the open pipe jetting when the spark arrestors are installed.
  4. Hello, I have the dual White Bros Alum. Pro exhaust on my CRF250R. The system works well. However when riding with the family its a bit too loud. I would like to installed the spark arrestors that came with the system but no jetting specs can be found. Is anyone running the spark arrestors? The 250R is WAY rich when adding the arrestors. Anyone have a good starting point for me to try? White Brothers was no help! Thanks, Rich Tampa Bay, FL
  5. RTHerrington2

    XR50 Hard to Shift

    My 7 year old daughter is having trouble up-shifting her 2003 XR50. The shifter is a bit long to get good leverage for her small foot. Is there anything I can do/check to make it shift any easier?