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    The bike only has 2500 miles on it. I checked the air filter and it is saturated, not to the point where oil is dripping off of it. There is no oil on the hub, or anywhere else for that matter. I turn it off, set it on the kickstand and come back a half hour later and there is a small puddle about 1 inch round.
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    Just put some loctite around the seal? What colour?
  3. muckymuck


    Thanks for the info guys, I'll check the torque, if that doesn't do it, I'll replace the seal.
  4. muckymuck


    Thanks for the info. I will inspect right away, is it a big job to replace the seal?
  5. muckymuck


    Box is still there, bike is bone stock.
  6. muckymuck


    I would have to know where that is and how much to torque it. Sorry, I'm a noob. Thanks
  7. muckymuck


    Thanks, does that mean I have too much oil in the crankcase or too much oil in my air filter? How do I make it stop?
  8. muckymuck


    I've got a leak on my 400S and I can't seem to locate the source. There is very little leakage but the wierd part is it drips from end of the chainguard, just in front of the rear axle. I can't tell if it's motor oil or could it be leaking from the shock? Has anybody else had this problem?
  9. muckymuck

    2000 S model..Motard Style

    Nicely done, what wheels are you using?
  10. muckymuck

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Slowly starting to mod Before After
  11. muckymuck

    DRC Edge-2 w/ factory rear turns

    I also have the same setup. Bought the 'Edge Tail Light Blinker Stays' from Wheeling Cycle. $4.00 and mounts easily.
  12. muckymuck

    Another 'Death Wing' victim

    The ride to and from the trails was actually pretty good. Gave me that false sense of maybe these tires aren't so bad. They will not be on the bike for the next ride. Rottweilier chew toy sounds like the perfect use for them. MM
  13. muckymuck

    Another 'Death Wing' victim

    Hi all, lot's of talk about the dreaded 'Death Wings' on this forum and I thought how bad can they be? Got out for the first time on my new to me '03 S yesterday and . I got into some greasy stuff and the mud stuck to these things like shit on a blanket. Yes I went down, but it was one of those slow motion get-offs, no damage to bike or rider (bruised ego) I was riding with a guy on a brand new DR 650, also with stock 'Death Wings', he laughed at me when I went down and then proceded to bite it about 30 feet later. Thanks for all the posts about these tires, next time I'll listen.
  14. As it turns out Big Sky Power will not ship to Canada So I picked one up locally. I do have a question for you EU2000I owners, the manual says "DO NOT GET WET." Well I don't plan on submerging it but it can sit out in the rain or snow, right? Have any of you left yours out in the rain or snow for extended periods? How wet can it get? Thanks in advance MM