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  1. : ...the riding pals all baled on me and the missus for this weekend. we'll be in the southern portion of the swell on friday-monday, and are looking for some people to ride with. i've got a drz400 and she's got a dr200. she likes the easy trails, and i like the tough trails. so we can hopefully do a little of both....
  2. Burn_dirt

    which dual sport?

    i've owned two xr650l's. at one point i was commuting 60 miles round trip, which wasn't that bad with the mini windshield that i made for it. but i think for you the main issue is going to be the seat height. i'm 6'2" and if i was any shorter i don't think i would have felt safe taking it in the dirt.i'd consider the drz400 also.
  3. Burn_dirt

    Picked up a little DR200SE...

    ...keep an eye out for used ones too, since they haven't changed the dr200 in quite a few years. my girlfriend picked up a 2001 this summer with 7,000 street miles on it for $1,600.