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  1. SenM

    What is on your TTR?

    hey everybody i just wanted to make sure that the BBR frame cradle fits on a 2006 TTR125L, o ya and btw this cradle is not cheaper on ebay it porbably is if your lucky. When I checked all ofem were at least $200.
  2. ya i was gonna do two mods on my 06 TTR125L. I was gonna rejt the carb. and get the 52tooth rear sprocket. I was also gonna get the jets for cold weather. I just wanted to know if all these mods would benefit getting the lightened flywheel. Cuz if the light flywheel just increases acceleration, but decreases top speed at high rpms then i don't no if i wanna do it. I want speed, torque, and wheelie acceleration if any of u guys have any suggestions for any mods for me (cheap ones plz, not that much money right now).
  3. SenM


    yes it is
  4. SenM

    Ttr125l Jetting Recommendations?

    hey OGG where do u think i can get the BBR Keihin CArb Kit, lightened flywheel, and 52T alum. rear sprocket? where did u get yours?
  5. hey erbodi, im thinkin of pumpin up my jets, but what is the biggest size jet that i can get without totally screwin up the engine after like 2 kours? im doin dis cuz i wanna get more power out of my TTR125L to do an easy wheelie. o ya could u list the pilot and main jets plz and ty!
  6. SenM

    ttr 125 wheely

    ok so wut i get from all u guys is the cheap ways of giving ur ttr125L more power is to open up the airbox, take out the whole baffle, and put on bigger jets. I think im gonna try this next time i go to the track cuz my neighbors definitely won't like it. But does nyone no where to buy some bigger jets for my 2006 TTR125L?
  7. SenM

    Custom Exhaust

    Does anybody know where to get a dual exhaust system for a 2006 125L? I really need one.
  8. SenM

    fmf power core 4 exhaust.

    I know this is a little off the subject, but does anyone know where to get a double exhaust for the TTR 125?