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  1. ser88

    New Bike

    i just got an kx250f 09, i really like this bike i thought i would share some pics
  2. ser88

    did a body...

    ok thanks have fun
  3. ser88

    did a body...

    nice, i have a savage x could you design a body for me based on a ktm please?
  4. ser88

    did a body...

    what car is it, is it a losi?
  5. ser88

    250 XC-F vs. 250 XCF-W

    believe me the xcfw has the tranny that has the really low "crawling" first gear for very technical single track riding.
  6. ser88

    Mcallen Texas

    thanks, i am looking for some gear i am around the golf country club, i dont mind if they are a little far
  7. ser88

    Mcallen Texas

    I am going there for vacation any of you know some mx stores there??? Thanks
  8. ser88

    DHL Graphics

    ohh didnt see it thanks
  9. ser88

    dhl graphics

    hey once i saw a pic of a ktm with this graphics on this forum, wondering if one of you has it??????? thanls
  10. ser88

    DHL Graphics

    Hey i really like this dhl graphics but this is the only site i can find them and they only send to united kingdom, do you know any where else where i can get this graphics? http://www.dirtbikebook.com/acatalog/Graphics_Kits.html thanks