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    sr 500

    Thanks, DGXR, yeah, I've been starting it regularly, needs some cleaning and polishing, seems to run good to me, can't see any rust. Some cracks in the tires from drying out. I thought 2000 to 2500, but sometimes I'm torn, It's just taking up space and getting dusty in the garage. I used to ride alot but don't make the time now. thanks again
  2. Craigrr2

    sr 500

    Sorry for the bump, any ideas?
  3. Craigrr2

    sr 500

    Hey, I'm new to this site so please forgive me if I'm outa line. I've tried to search for the info on the forums and can't find anything. I've got a 1979 Yamaha sr 500, pristine, purchased new with less than 500 miles. Thinking about selling it. Anyone know what a realistic price might be? or where I might find that info? Thanks in advance Craigrr2