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  1. micorps

    06/07 LTR450 Riders/Owners

    I dont know what you all are talking about, if the suspension is stiff...then adjust it they have an adjustable suspension. I have rode all the 450s and bought a brand new 06 LTR because that is what i like the best. My second choice would be the YFZ. It is whatever you feel comfortable on. If you maintain your machine you shouldn't have to many problems. It is a race quad so you should expect to spend extra money to make sure all maintenance is kept current on it. The funny thing is, i bought my brand new LTR for $6090 out the door, less than a new YFZ or TRX.
  2. micorps

    Tomahawk MX/HS trails

    Actually there is the Ironboss buddy race this weekend, basically you and a buddy pair up and take turns racing, after a lap you tag your buddies tire and he takes off. Here is the link to their poster for the race. It is worth the drive, especially the races. http://www.tomahawkmx.com/ironboss06.htm
  3. micorps

    VA / N.C. Coastal people?

    I wish i would have checked the forums before Sunday. We rode at some private property of my friends near Leesburg, VA. My neighbors also went riding on Sunday at Breezewood in PA. There is a race next weekend at Tomahawk in Northern WV this weekend. It is a team race where you tag off your buddy after completing a lap. PMed you my number.
  4. micorps

    anybody from MN

    IF you all dont get any snow i am going to leave the snowmobiles at home in Northern VA and bring the quads home to Hibbing, MN for Christmas. Hey MN-Kevin where did you live in PA, we are riding Breezewood, PA on Sunday. For all of you looking for trails, there are tons of trails all over in the Iron Ore dumps between Hibbing and Grand rapids, MN. You may want to look into it.
  5. micorps

    2004 YFZ 450 or 2007 Raptor 350

    I was about to say i think they are asking to much for the YFZ from what you desribed and it year. I know thta dealers are selling left over 2006's for cheap. I just bought a brand new 2006 LTR 450 for $6090 out the door. I would suggest running the internet searches including on Ebay for machines in your state. If you can get a good enough deal it may be worth the farther drive. Tim
  6. micorps

    ltr off road tires????

    I have Hiper beadlocks on my banshee with the ITP GNCC series tires, they seem really nice. I will be putting the same on my LTR.
  7. micorps

    Nice trials in maryland to ride

    Yep that would be it, i liked the riding also, just make sure you have a full engine skid plate on your quad or take it easy. Some sections were very rocky. thank you for the information! Tim Here is the link: http://www.atvaonline.com/Ride/Maryland.asp
  8. micorps

    Nice trials in maryland to ride

    There a 12 mile loop Just West of Hancock Maryland towards Cumberland south of the interstate. I had alot of fun there. The road is kind of a pain to get into, steep ass, 1 lane dirt road, but is pretty challenging and rocky. I rode there once, there is a forest raneger station the exit before the one to tak tog et to the trails. I wish i remembered what exit it was! Where are you now? Southern MD? I live in Ashburn, VA so if your up for riding let me know. Tim