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  1. Motocross

    It wont happen but it would be interesting to see what Rattray could do on a big bike...
  2. Hey Rando, Marvin Musquin will run the nest tree rounds in the big boys class, not that I think he will run top 5 but he should be listed
  3. 7 5 1 18 14 1 17 Last round was sad, if rv just would have tripled over rd for the win I would have been in good shape but instead I got my first single digit finish. Think I was the only one up to that point having 10 or more points in every round?
  4. 1 5 21 7 18 7 20 not 100 on thease picks, I have a feeling this week will be one of those where everything gets turned upside down (especially a scooter with the number 1 attached) 14 might podium and 21 may park 5 in the stands this round..
  5. Supercross

    Didnt he wash out friese in a similar fashion a couple of rounds ago? Guess Barcia will have to tread lightly around kw, teammate or not, when he moves up haha
  6. Is this the week where I finally makes it onto page one in the standing? Picked both winners and a couple of names. Total bummer cr is out tho, fav rider for years. Glad it wasnt a career ender, looked gnarly
  7. 1 22 5 7 10 7 38 go mushy, need the points bad since last week was a hard hit for me
  8. 7 1 22 5 21 7 38 Picking MM38 as the dark horse for A2, about 100% sure it will work out, give or take
  9. 1 5 22 14 7 1 38 (may change to 28)
  10. TC will be there right? Guess picking him for fifth will be pretty stupid if hes not 1:JS7 2:RV2(1) 3:CR22 4:RD5 5:TC41 FQ:JS7 250:ET17 Hey rando, wouldnt it be cool to have an option to enter the final standings that freezes once the gate drops A1? Guess its a bit to late to think of that now but anyways...
  11. YES! FINALLY! Two strong weeks and I have gained like 50 places or so up to 16th.. Bummed for TC tho, had him picked for 4'th.
  12. Motocross

    Stellar ride from him at the usgp, so I more or less expected him to do well outdoors! Seems like a good kid, glad to see him back racing after a crash that bad.
  13. Motocross

    CR looked more comfortable on that red bike then me sitting in my armchair watching the race.. Hes definetly in it to win it. RV, well, I guess there is a bit of sx-hangover on his part. seemed pretty frustrated during the interviews. guess he wanted to make an early statement at hangtown.
  14. Motocross

    Diffrence is frenchie's out there racing..
  15. Motocross

    Its clear JS needs to do something, I hardly think the bike is the problem but a color change might give him the mental break to get on the right track again.