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  1. I like my new doctor's style.
  2. On the job training
  3. Glad we got ours done when we did. Just a light mist during the ceremony.
  4. Thank you sir! In Puerto Rico now. If she looks away too long I will be off in the mountains on a bike.
  5. I got 5 calls from my CL ad about this bike in 1.5 hours. Apparently $300 is cheap for this hunk, it's the same I paid for it in '02.
  6. Finally figured out why I couldn't post on here. 85+ temps combined with high humidity lately have kept me off the bike. This has been my ride all week working on trails.
  7. Certainly not. Paid to quadtard only.
  8. Break-in time!
  9. When I am dual sporting in 90 degree temps and 80%+ humidity I stop in mud holes and fill my boots with water. With water this color though you have to walk it anyway. This is my slow season at work because not many come out to ride.
  10. During a tropical storm last year I threw on a raincoat and kept grooming trails. We got 8 inches of rain in three days and the trails were a highway to myself the moment it stopped.
  11. Last time I saw him at Highland Park he had sold it I think and was running 2 GasGas 300s Dale style.
  12. They can be hard to find. Gasgas USA advertises used bikes on their site. I rode ghill's on my trails once and loved it. If I had my own land I would get one for sure.
  13. I flipped an XR600 on my chest at Haspin and cracked ribs. Other than that I am happy to be the slow guy and haven't ridden hills in 5 years.
  14. 50 mile dual sport ride by myself today. Lots of black water and roads with no other tracks on them
  15. Gotta watch those pesky KDX riders. I saw husqvarnarider get punished by a clueless Hodaka rider for a full 30 seconds at Matthews Enduro. There would have been a fight if Zach hadn't been there. I got a good laugh out of it though.