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  1. Harm

    From an 09 250SX to a 2010 250EXC

    those 2 things are importand,cilinderhead for more compression and no double walled pipe.Red spring helps also for quiker power.
  2. Harm

    From an 09 250SX to a 2010 250EXC

    I'ts mostly detuned by heavy crank,heavy flywheel,cilinder head,pipe en muffler,cdi box,and a long ratio gearbox.If you put a cilinder head and a pipe of a sx on it,it will run allready stronger.
  3. Harm

    2012 KTM 250exc (pics)

    ok,sorry for this tread:thumbsup:
  4. Harm

    2012 KTM 250exc (pics)

    Yes i know,but now its(almost) in enduro set up. Maybe the enduro guys like it:excuseme:
  5. Harm

    2012 KTM 250exc (pics)

    OK,not 2012 but how it's gonna be(I think.....) not finisht yet! I'm going to use it for enduro,going to be a hell of a bike! here is my 2010 300sx setup for enduro,also a great bike!
  6. I think it was the first 2011 bike here in Holland
  7. It feels not to much different,but that's not a bad thing. I really can't compare with my 010 250sx because i put a 300 kit on it and a bunch off stuff for enduro.The engine is still sx setup with a 300 kit(a beast). The new 2011 feels lighter( no enduro stuff on it)and the bike feels more quicker and responsive.The power of the engine is :worthy:super.(red pv spring). The bike feels slim and is slim. I also have a tuned 2008 rm 250,but is no match compare to the 2010 or 2011 KTM sx.
  8. Harm

    350 ride reports

    Ya,go for the 250sx ,light,fast and cheaper to maintain. I've ridden both but i'm a 2 stroke fan.
  9. yes,the rear is longer but is easy to tune for enduro
  10. Normaly yes,but it was in backorder:bonk:
  11. Yes,the feul tank is from an xc model,and it also has dual map ingnition. I'm goin to make it ready for enduro,just like the 2010 sx250 i also have. At the moment it is to hot to ride in Holland so i'm waiting for cooler weather:worthy:
  12. Thanks.I also had the 1993 yz125 then,so i know what you mean.
  13. Harm

    2011 250sx price

    6600 euros in holland..
  14. all 2011 models are out here about one month ago...not in the U.S.A. ???
  15. my new 2011 250sx,can't wait to ride it:ride: