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  1. in2cycles

    Skid Plate for 2009 300 XC-W

    Looking for advice on which brand of skid plate to buy for my 2009 KTM 300 XCW? Definitely looking for an aluminum one, I ride in the desert, so I deal with lots of rocks & boulders. Leaning towards the buying the KTM Hard Parts skid plate, but I'm considering the following brands: KTM Hard Parts Enduro Engineering Utah Sport Cycle/Moose Devol Please let me know which one fits and works best on the 300 XC-W. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if any company manufactures a magnetic drain plug for my 2008 KTM 200XC? I've been looking around and have not been able to locate one. Any supplier names would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. in2cycles

    Master Link Removal 200 XC

    I'm trying to remove the master link from the chain on my 2008 200XC and it does not want to come out. I assume it just slides out like every other master links I've dealt with in the past? Do I need a special tool, or is it simply jammed in there, any tricks or advice would be appreciated.
  4. in2cycles

    02 CR250 Air Box Sealant

    The rubber boot that extends from the carb to the air box is leaking on the air box side on my 02 CR250. Any suggestions on what brand and kind sealant works best to seal the boot up tight to the air box (ie. maybe Permatex RTV Silicone or Honda Bond 4 or something similar). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. in2cycles

    Clutch Adjustment

    Had my clutch completely disassembled (2002 CR250) so I could replace my right side crank seal. Replaced the seal successfully and reassembled the clutch per the factory service manual (which is a bit vague) and filled the case with oil to spec. I'm noticing now though that with the bike in 1st gear and the clutch pulled in that I can't roll the bike if it's not running; should the bike freewheel when the clutch is pulled in and not running? Tried adjusting the cable using the two different cable adjusters by the clutch lever? When the bike is running the clutch seems to engage and disengage correctly. This is my first time assembling a clutch, so not sure if I screwed something up, or if maybe the bike shouldn't freewheel when the clutch us pulled in the first place...any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  6. Is anybody running an IMS or Clarke desert tank on their '02 CR250? Was wondering which desert tank to buy IMS or Clarke? Concerned about the fit and finish differences between the two brands. Can you still get to the spark plug with a desert tank installed on this year? Will the radiator shrouds still line up? I'm running Devol radiator guards any interference issues? Do you need petcocks on both sides of the tank? Price difference is not much of a concern to me, just want to get the one that fits the best. Any input from CR owners would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Anyone have a suggestion for a good set of handguards for a set a Pro Taper Handlebars (Henry/Reed Bend)? Hoping to find some handguards that install easily on these bars. Not sure if I should buy Moose, Acerbis or Cycra? Also which hand guard mounts should I use; bar mounts or triple clamp mounts? Thanks for your help.
  8. in2cycles

    2002 XR 80 Float Height Spec

    Does anyone know the float height specification/measurement for a 2002 XR80? Also, what would the initial air screw setting be (1-3/4 I think)... Thanks in advance for your help !