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  1. Never use starting fluid on a two stroke as there are no lubricating properties in it. You shouldn't need it anyway on any well tuned machine.
  2. The clutch on mine works great, so I don't think it's a design issue. Maybe needs adjustment or the cable lubed.
  3. tarpon4me, I have the exact same setup as you have on my TTR250. The pilot screw on mine doesn't seem to make a big difference either so I set it out about 2 1/2 turns and just left it there. Bike runs great.
  4. Hey carbon_unit, Please keep us updated how it goes for you in Iowa. I live in Iowa and would like to dual sport my TTR250 as well. Thanks.
  5. I went down one tooth on my front sprocket and it works great in tight woods. It might add a little more wear to the chain but it's worth it. It's easier than trying to find a larger rear sprocket. The rear sprocket is pretty big already. I shaved my seat down myself and saved some money. Do a search on how to do it, it's easy if you have some simple tools.
  6. Yamaha Raptor 250.
  7. If it's lean you need to do more than adjust the idle mixture screw, you need to rejet the carb.
  8. Does the engine run o.k. if you push start it? Did you have the starter rebuilt or just put in new brushes? I would have the starter checked over thoroughly if you haven't already. There could be a short in the armature or bad bushings. If the starter checks out o.k. did you check the starter gear reduction bushings and gears for wear? They have been known to fail on bikes that are used a lot. I am sure you already checked all the electrical connections?
  9. In short if you want sound and performance invest in a nice slip on pipe and rejet.
  10. A lot of four strokes glow red like you describe. They are jetted too lean in the pilot circuit.
  11. Read the sticky about carb jetting. Mine was cold blooded also until I put the next size larger pilot jet in. Made a big difference.
  12. swingset's advice is correct. I have the 55 pilot and 140 main with a small shim under the needle and it runs great.
  13. The 250 is not "a bunch heavier" than the 230 and the 250 is a far better bike.
  14. Has it always done this? Does it spin slow but still start? I have a 2006 TTR250 that is slow to spin over especially when cold, but it always starts. It has been this way since I bought it brand new.
  15. http://www.ehow.com/how_4618762_remove-cycle-tank-gas-varnish.html