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  1. SUZ109

    Suzuki Design Screwup

    It kinda makes me laugh when someone states 'Suzuki Design Screw-up' when they obviously have no idea about engineering. And they are complaining about a screw being too small I have stripped bolts and cussed out some things on bikes but I'm not so naieve as to place the blame on the manufacturer for all my dumb mistakes.
  2. I hope they throw the book at the a-hole - what's the bet he had kids in the back speeding, in the wrong lane, etc. Pity he did't roll and write the lot off.
  3. SUZ109

    Pics of my RMZ

    Sweet - makes mine look kinda plain!! Tks for posting.
  4. SUZ109

    Rmz250 2007 seized motor after 3 hours!!!

    Sorry Johnnie - I read my post again and it is too hot - but I just see all the bikes at the local track and no-one is having this problem. It definitely needs to be fixed by Suzuki but I've had bad things happen to me in the past and sometimes it just takes a while and we have to be just a little patient. Again, my apologies for the hot post.
  5. SUZ109

    Rmz250 2007 seized motor after 3 hours!!!

    I meant Suzuki should get you the new motor - not you.
  6. SUZ109


    Welcome!! Feel free to post some pics of your new ride or where you ride, etc. We all like pics of peoples rides - (well I know I do anyways).
  7. SUZ109

    Rmz250 2007 seized motor after 3 hours!!!

    Cool. My understanding with my dealer is that if I had a problem, take the bike back into them, and let them look at it. If they aren't sure or need to get Suzuki involved, a Suzuki representative visits the store. Then if he's not sure they take it for other Suzuki factory types to look at, and then, hopefully you get the result you are looking for - a new motor. We will keep our fingers crossed for a good outcome!!
  8. SUZ109

    Rmz250 2007 seized motor after 3 hours!!!

    How did you get on with your dealer - has he been any help? I know yours is a bad situation but it's not a recall issue. It's an issue that needs to be resolved for sure but it is not a recall. To date yours is the only one I've heard that this has happenned to. I know your dealer is quite a ways from you but that is your first port of call. What do they say?
  9. SUZ109

    Rmz250 2007 seized motor after 3 hours!!!

    Don't start panicking like some b*****. This is the only one that it's happenned to so far - where are you getting off saying it's a problem big enough for a recall. No-one else has had this issue. I'm not saying that it's a good thing for this to have happenned - 'cause it's not - but don't use the internet or this site to start ridiculous claims!!!!
  10. SUZ109

    07 rmz 250 bottem end

    Larger rear sprocket.
  11. SUZ109

    07 RMZ250 won't start.

    Have you tsken the radiator cap off snd checked the water level?
  12. SUZ109

    07 RMZ250 won't start.

    Check the idle knob adjuster. When I got my '04 it wasn't turned up enough so when I was trying to kick it with no throttle it wouldn't start. I think turning it in will raise the idle which is what you'd want. Another time my '04 wouldn't start was because it had a cracked big bore kit piston. It would want to start and backfired but when I took the head off found the crack - probably not your problem though.
  13. SUZ109

    07 RMZ250 won't start.

    Did you change the oil filter at the same time? Maybe overfilled the oil and blew a seal somewhere - you mentioned some white build up... I've founf when I change the oil and filter and tip in 950 mls, I still have to let alot out from the level hole. Mine starts so easy it's ridiculous. I find that the slower I kick it, the easier it starts. It even starts sometimes when I'm just kicking it through trying to find TDC. But the weather is pretty warm here in comparison. What does your shop think?
  14. SUZ109

    07 KXF250 piston in an older RMZ?

    Sounds like a brill idea!!
  15. SUZ109

    Fmf 4.1

    Yeh, I'm just in the process of making a little bracket to bolt to the pipe and then to the frame (if you know what i mean). The top hole lines up good, it's just the lower hole which is off. I'll post a pic once I get it done. (and once I figure out how to post a pic).Don't want to put any pressure on the header pipe but it seems like it should work.