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    Why do people rag on 125's?

    I am a strong proponent of 125's. Of course my first real race bike was a 125, a few years before modern four-strokes were even available, so I have fond memories of the two-stroke days. Nevertheless, I do believe that if you can ride a 125 well, then you can ride just about any motocross bike. People who have only ridden four-strokes tend toward minimal clutch use because they have never had to fight to get the most out of the motor. Not that this is bad, its just a different technique for a different era of riding. While 125's are a heck of a lot of fun, they also require a much different type of fitness than four-strokes. Where for 450s and 250Fs, muscle strength is crucial, a 125 or even 250 two-stroke rider had better be in great cardiovascular shape if they want to compete with the thumpers.
  2. bayodome

    Fuel Overflow problem

    thanks fellas. it was a stuck float needle. somehow it got just a tad corroted, causing it to freeze up. the bike had been sitting for a little while, and went through some extreme cold temps while being hauled across country, so maybe some moisture got in there. anyways, thanks for the advice.
  3. bayodome

    Fuel Overflow problem

    Went to start my 06 kx450 the other day after it sitting for a month or so, and when I turned on the fuel, it just started spewing out of the overflow lines. have since taken the carb off suspecting a stuck float, but to no avail. Is the float possibly damaged? and suggestions?