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  1. Zoomy186

    impossible bog..........

    Do you have an aftermarket pipe? Some of the high performance pipes flow a little too well and will exacerabate the lean bog situation when wacking open the throttle at low rpms.
  2. I was fortunate to find a 07 450EXC street legal version, and I currently have the bike apart in the garage doing prep plus jet kit. I noted after removing the end cap the small internal pipe welded to the end cap, and the very cool turbine blades inside the silencer designed for accelerating the exhaust gases....right into that tiny pipe. Any posts on the best place to cut and remove the small diameter pipe? Need help quick...
  3. Go with the 07, I just did. They are proven and I doubt the changes will add up to much. I am an off roader and go with smooth power, reliability and a perfect chasis. My 450 turns like a 250, no kidding. Get the 07 and wait and see of the new one holds up.
  4. Zoomy186

    ktm reliability

    I'll add my 20 cents since I was in the same mode you are in. I have owned them all with 30 plus years of riding, many of which were on desert sled XR600. Unfortunately all of the manufacturers have gone to the highperf four strokes and no one makes decent large bore play bike. Frankly the KTM line of SOHC fours are the most reliable of the new generation fourstrokes, and in fact I think you get a higher degree of reliability then the WRs, CRFs, etc. Why? Top end hours for one, greater oil capacity and filtering, stronger transmissions, and good old fashioned screw type valve adjusters. I hated to adjust my vavles on my WR, and hated it even more replacing my valves and guides twice on my CRF. If you want light weight, high perf and comparing apples to apples with regards to reliability, go with the KTM RFC engines. No comment on the new DOHC motors since I have no personal experience. I just picked up a 2007 450 EXC and after crawling around it for a couple of hours I can also add that the build quality in terms of welds, brackets, hardware, fastners and hi-end components are WAY ahead of anything. They are the Bimotos of the dirtworld. Mark out...
  5. Zoomy186

    Need good all around tires for on & off road

    Get the Pirellis, tried them all, and they work great on the street too which always amazes me. Very quiet and nice turn in. Tough as nails too, and has what you are looking for in terms of very good off road traction, especially when cranked over on a slippery fire road.
  6. Zoomy186

    DRZ 400S Running Problems

    Cleaning the carb is always a good idea if you do not have a history on the bike. Check the airfilter to see if it is clogged up, and then the fuel filter. It it still does it after all that, have your coil checked out.