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  1. gojo440

    motor oil

    Lucas Motorcycle 10-40 SemiSynth
  2. He's got the need for speed demon and shat for brains to boot.
  3. gojo440

    If you could have any other bike...

    The armys got a real cool diesel kawi enduro
  4. I've been saving for her awhile now (07drz400sm) and i'm starting to wounder if she's going to be apart of my life for years to come. You no when you go out to the shop and she's all shiny and it makes you smile. Or it's out front of your work and it still lifts your spirit. I no i sure spent alot of time tinkering whith my old RM, We'd spend hours and hours together. Doe's anyone spend alot of time whith this bike and become totaly DRZ crazy. I wan't to be DRZ crazy
  5. If you don't eat you don't sh!t you don't sh!t you die. if you don't drink you dont p!ss you don't p!ss you die. i take a camera
  6. gojo440

    drz sm 400 gutless

    How to wheelie drz400sm
  7. some peoples kids lol
  8. gojo440

    Looks like a fun movie...

    hey, cool movie
  9. how do you think they break that jump in or evan make it like that. Ya the one at the beginning. It's like their ready to wipe it when they hit it
  10. gojo440

    07 E model alert! DYNO GRAPHS ADDED

    suzuki b.c. canada 11-3-1 comp ratio bsr36 carb 07 drzsm is this bad news boy's
  11. gojo440

    nearly done my supermoto cr500

    where did you get the lighting coil from
  12. gojo440

    The dealer told me?

    Give them money so they can put a drz400sm 06 on hold for march 07, because they may have a problem getting one. I live in canada B.C. Do i have to worry about it now or will their be one for me in march when i'm good to go.
  13. gojo440

    What do you say to this?

    hey dude i enjoyed it, Hell i even sent it to a good friend
  14. gojo440

    The Yellow Submarine

    cheers to canada