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  1. I have been to some of the areas. We loaded up from Atlanta and drove to Silverton CO. We camped in the hills there. Trying to get up the money to do it next August. Happy Ridings...
  2. jeep2002

    Klx 140l

    Thanks for the feed back bought a 08 KAW 140L last night good shape for 1500.00 almost half the new bike price. Hope my son likes it....
  3. jeep2002

    Klx 140l

    I saw it is about 40 more LBS..
  4. jeep2002

    Klx 140l

    I am thinking of buying a 140L for my son looking a honda 150L and Yam 125L I really like the Kaw 140L. Looking for feed back good or bad. THXhttp://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/ride.gif