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  1. ndheidmann

    yz250f pipe on grizzly?

    yea thats what I originally thought of, using the silencer part, sorry i didnt say that, but ill just mess with it anyway, maybe i can get my yz fenders on there too.
  2. ndheidmann

    yz250f pipe on grizzly?

    and I guess you mean BUY instead of by? get an education you bum.
  3. ndheidmann

    yz250f pipe on grizzly?

    whats your deal man? all i asked was a simple question and now you insist on my being a hillbilly? thanks man your super cool:thumbsup: we should definately hang out sometime we can go mudboggin yeehaw!! jerk.
  4. ndheidmann

    yz250f pipe on grizzly?

    &%$#@!? you dont have to be a dick about it, they have the same layout and bend design, and they are both 4stroke yamaha motors.. just askin for any USEFUL opinions and if it would help at all, thanks for nothing
  5. ndheidmann

    Yamaha yz250f pipe on grizzly?

    I have a stock yz250f pipe, and was wondering if it would fit on an 07 grizzly 350 4x4 IRS? just wonderin.. also, is there a baffle or governor anywhere on the pipe of the grizzly? thanks.
  6. ndheidmann

    Tie-downs in the rain

    are you using cam buckles, or ratchet straps?? get ratchet straps.
  7. ndheidmann

    50 Bucks to your Paypal account if you solve this

    how many turns out are you on the fuel screw? it should be between 1-2 1/2 turns, any more and you need a bigger jet, if its like the yz250f dirtbike carb..it would be the leak jet you need to replace... ask you mechanic friend.. should need a #40 leak jet if your under 4000 feet elevation..
  8. ndheidmann

    grizzly 350 autotranny?

    I only have one forward gear, so I have to climb in high gear,,, the 350 doesnt have a low gearing option..
  9. ndheidmann

    grizzly 350 mods! help- i need more go

    what does the clutch kit do? and what would an exhaust tip do?? .. yea I was thinking the jet kit aswell..
  10. hey, I have the 350 grizzly as it was what dad could afford, what are some good mods to do to it.. It is a 2007 grizzly 4x4 with IRS and a diff lock.. It needs more low end wheel spinning torque.. preferably cheap or free mods, I know a pipe would help, but anything else... also, could a manual tranny be mated to this motor? just curious.. is there a baffle in the pipe? I would like to mod that aswell, or a governor/ speed limiter hidden somewhere?? thanks.
  11. ndheidmann

    grizzly 350 autotranny?

    what i mean is like in an automatci tranny car, you have to wait for it to downshift to get acceleration, but in a manual, you select a gear and go... the autotranny is sluggish, and has its peak power mid rpm range, whereas if you could select a first gear, then it would have the low gearing power.. I dunno, either you like it or you dont, but I think it all has to do with the motor, you guys with the 660 and 700 models probably have plenty of torque and power, and i think you also have a high and low gearing?? I only have a forward, neutral, and reverse.. put your 660 in high gear and go climb a steep hill from dead standstill at the bottom, youll see what I mean by wanting more torque.. I dont think I can even spin my tires if I were to nose onto a tree, it would just revv and bog....
  12. ndheidmann

    grizzly 350 autotranny?

    hey, Im also still in break-in, would that have anything to do with it?? maybe the seals havent worn in yet so there is still a lot of friction... Im only on half tank of gas or so, and 11miles on the odo...
  13. ndheidmann

    grizzly 350 autotranny?

    why did they switch to this auto stuff? I personally like to select my own gear.. and they dont thave the get up and go like a manual tranny does... seems like a bogged down motor.. on the grizzhopper site are you refering to the clutch maintainance thing? should I just check it and see first if it needs it... Anyone here have a 2007 grizzly 4x4 irs ? im just askin to see if maybe yamaha changed something that would affect the speed...
  14. ndheidmann

    grizzly 350 autotranny?

    yea, but i t was the same since weve had it, it didnt change after I took it in the mud,,,
  15. ndheidmann

    Yamaha grizzly 350 autotranny?

    hey, got an 07 grizzly 350 irs and its great and all, but I hate this autotransmission thing, it has no torque, or speed, tops out at like 25mph, what is wrong? am I missing something?? what do I need to do to open this beast up? Its a great atv, 4x4, diff lock, independant rear susp. It goes everywhere I want it to, but it doesnt do it quickly, and doesnt really feel like a fourwheeler should..help!