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    Have you tried Beaverton Honda? Thats where I did all my shopping while living there. It's bob lampheres beaverton honda. http://www.beavertonmotorcycles.com/
  2. DRHetticher

    09 450R accessories

    It's not that i don't like it, but my 3 of my friends have it on there bikes and i hate having the same things that people I ride with have. Got to be original ya know?
  3. DRHetticher

    09 450R accessories

    oh ya and one other thing. I hate the pro moto billet spark arrestor but dont want to shell out the $ for an exhaust. Is there another spark arrestor out there?
  4. DRHetticher

    09 450R accessories

    Does any one have a good web site to browse accessories for these bikes. I have found a lot already but I can't seem to locate any good frame protectors. I see that light speed has some but my wife already has those on her 150R and i want to be original. Hahaha thanks.
  5. DRHetticher

    Can the Aluminum frame fit a 05 WR 250F?

    I would imagine that not only do you need to be worried about parts being interchangeable but if the 05 engine mounts are the same as the aluminum frame engine. Plus when looking at the shrouds they have different mounting points which brings to question wether the 05 seat and gas tank will fit. Just a thought.
  6. DRHetticher

    09 450R first ride

  7. DRHetticher

    09 450r price

    yes tax and license. going over the paper work it was actually 7373 OTD due to the 1% increase in sales tax April 1st.
  8. DRHetticher

    09 450R first ride

    i weigh 190 with gear on.
  9. DRHetticher

    09 450r price

    I paid 7300 OTD this April.
  10. DRHetticher

    09 450R first ride

    I just bought the 09 450R and want to hear from those who own one. What did you do for your "break in' period and what did you feel that needs to be changed? ie.. idle, suspension, etc... thanks:banana:
  11. DRHetticher

    scuffed plastics

  12. DRHetticher

    scuffed plastics

    I was wondering if any one has sanded there scuffed plastics to make them look new again or to smoothen them out to put graphics on? If so how? Thanks, David
  13. DRHetticher

    JGR, take a look in side there rig ( unreal!)

    How much do you think it's all worth truck and all?
  14. DRHetticher

    Need help deciding what sprocket to get?

    Yea i forgot that point. so, what should i do? How large would be safe, i dont want to lose too much top speed (but of-course you will lose some) but I need to have better low end for climbing. im thinking maybe the next size up.
  15. I have a 2005 WR 250F and did all the free mods along with an FMF factory 4.1 slip on. I really love the speed but want to climb hills easier. My bike tends to do a lot of spinning in second gear up hills. Would going to a larger rear sprocket help give me more bottom end torque? I am sure this topic has been addressed time and time again so i apologize for the redundancy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.