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  1. ponca

    o6 oil leak, need advise

    Found it, I had counter balancer weight 180 degrees off on the flywheel side, book says to line up with step in shaft, mistake made lining up with visable indentation in shaft witch is the hole that lines with the hole in weight for vent hose.
  2. ponca

    o6 oil leak, need advise

    going to pull the flywheel side off again and inspect vent system 1 more time. going back to first post , ongoing problem,oil will find way out of left or right side of cylinder head cover within a moto or 2?? dont seem right, oil pumped up to valve train , falls down the cam chain side before being cycled thru the system again?? thinking to much crank case pressuer or a vent problem???
  3. ponca

    o6 oil leak, need advise

    Got a problem that won"t go away. after a bottom end rebuild at about 45 hrs [due to a crank bearing retainer plate screw backing out] started having oil leaks on the left side of the cylinder head around the half moon area of the rubber gasket. after high temp seal and a full 48 hrs of dry time a ride around the block showed no leaks but after a couple hard laps at the track oil got around the plug gasket in the head and started coming out the right side.To review:vent hose to flywheel side clear,Scavenge oil screen on flywheel side clean,Oil roters on flywheel and clutch side inspected and appears to be ok,no resistance felt after disassembley down to the cases and blowing thru clutch side of crank shaft,all oil passages clear at disassembley down to cases (CASES NOT SPLIT DURING INSPECTION),bike put back together slooowwwllyy with new cylinder head rubber seal washers, new spark plug seal (under head),all new gaskets, oil pressure tested , per manual ,39-98 kpa @ 4000 rpm and tested at 80 kpa at a fast idle. I have gone thru this routine more than once?????.Only thing I have"nt checked is the oil screen feed "in" the trannie????? :p
  4. ponca

    blown kxfs

    Heard talk of bad guides putting stress on valves. our 06 has been impressive,loosened up left intake 1 size at 4 hrs and other than a clutch at 24 hrs have had no problems. change oil every couple hrs,oil filter every 10 or12. Did "total" rebuild at 45 so i could sleep at night.Kid rides the b class. Been on the 4-strokes for a few years and still trying to self teach as we go. Had a few issues with the 450 tho.
  5. ponca

    oil / blockage?????

    vent was the first thing checked,vent is on the flywheel side,drain bolt is in the transmission cavity.Seepage appears to be at the cylinder head cover rubber gasket not the head or base. I'm thinking possible blockage causing a increase in oil pressure and forcing oil out the weakest seal. In a hold pattern until pressure gauge arrives to test per manual.
  6. ponca

    oil / blockage?????

    After recent rebuild on our 06 {main bearing retainer plate screw backed out and destroyed the crank and piston/cylin}kept having seepage around the head gasket. Went with the high temp silicone but problem persist. Noticed at oil change that oil would kind of "girgle" but would flow out better when I opened up the oil filler plug. Also seemed to get seepage around the kick starter shaft seal. I ordered a Kawi oil presure gauge and figure Ill start there before a total tear down. Yes I did check the scavage screen and cleaned it. :ride: