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  1. mschmitz

    Who's the man?

    +1 for Dick's Racing. They are a pleasure to deal with and their work speaks for itself.
  2. mschmitz

    best deal on a Clarke Tank?

    I just got mine from Cycle Buy. I highly recommend them. The service and the price were both excellent.
  3. mschmitz

    where do you keep your map?

    PM me with an email address and I'll send you a couple of pictures.
  4. mschmitz

    where do you keep your map?

    I use an MSR Roost Pack (the one that attaches to the front of your roost deflector) for my map, camera and GPS. It's much more convenient that my fanny pack for the things I need quick access to.
  5. mschmitz

    Huskqvarna TE450 or KTM 450EXC-G ?

    Get the one that puts the biggest grin on your face! I have an '07 KTM EXC and my riding buddy has a TE450. We've spent the last couple of months comparing and contrasting them and none of the differences means a whole lot. They are both awesome off-road bikes and lousy street bikes. They both have more power and better handling than either of us oldsters will ever use. I wouldn't trade my KTM for his Husky even if he threw in his truck to sweeten the deal. I hope he feels the same about his Husky.
  6. mschmitz

    where do you put your GPS?

    Excessive vibration causes the batteries in the Garmin to make sporadic contact. You can try putting dialectric grease on the contacts and something (maybe a piece of foam) between the battery cover and the batteries to hold them in place better. The solution that worked best for me was to get the 12v Garmin power supply cable from Touratech and power the GPS from my battery.
  7. I just put one on my 525 EXC with similar results. It hooks up well in the dry slippery stuff and wears like iron. It's not the easiest tire to mount but is worth the trouble. I'm waiting for some rain here in NorCal so I can see how it works in the mud.
  8. mschmitz

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    My first was a 1969 Yanaha Trailmaster 80. Seems like only yesterday . . .