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  1. Brad Juan

    Pro Moto Billet Silencer

    come on....get that shiat!!!!!!!!! lets ride some ass-kicking enduros!!!!! see ya around....
  2. Brad Juan

    Chico trail ride friday?

    right now I'm working weekend day shift, but 8-21 I go to middle week night shift so I will get off work fri morning at 7 and not have to go back unitl monday nights....lets ride!
  3. Brad Juan

    Chico trail ride friday?

    I live in Chico and ride alot during the fall and spring. If you would like to go, either PM me or call my cell. 530-514-6904. If you want to ride and District36 enduro races let me know and we can sign up together. See ya around. Brad
  4. Brad Juan

    Rides in the chico, ca area?

    I ride a wr 426 and all I do is trail ride. PM me if you are interested and we can get together. everthing I ride is %100 legal. I am in Chico aswell. Brad