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  1. Yamaha

    I have had banshee, 250r, 250 quad racer, 250x 310kit my 03 raptor is the best handle quad i have owned stock for stock a banshee will not hold a candle to a raptor. in the dunes ,trails ,drags, in my neck of the woods we do a lot of loose gravel hill climbs and my buddy has a 03 banshee he can't hang with me ride them both see which one you like just my 2 cents.
  2. Hey everbody I have a 96 husky 610wxc and the air box is missing bought the bike real cheap fixer uper. does anyone have one for sale or were can I get one ? Anyone can take a picture for me of one. Do they only fit this bike or ktm also. thanks for the help. Wayne:excuseme:
  3. Had spark but firing when piston was at lowest point. When took apart meg was moving around in my hand.
  4. flywheel on its way to up-tite as I write thank's for the phone number. I live about 2 hours from well's or york beach. Wayne
  5. Hi as you can see i am new to this site. Also first husky its 96 610 wxc. When trying to start back fires like it 180 out. Well she doesnt run remove the flywheel and the mag was unglued. I would like to glue it back my self but not sure where it goes there is a small hole drilled into the flywheel i was thinking that is the aligiment hole for the target mag ? I hope someone can point me in the right way. thanks Wayne I want to be:ride: