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  1. skip3012

    Foil on downtube

    Ahh ok thank you
  2. skip3012

    Foil on downtube

    Can someone tell me what it's for and if I need it? It stays wet a long time after power washing and I think it may have caused a short. The last time I powerwashed the bike it wouldn't start after pulling the tank I noticed the fibreglass and aluminum mat was soaking. Would like to eliminate if not really needed. Thanks
  3. skip3012

    Removing factory decals

    Pressure washer will get rid of 'em....trust me:smirk:
  4. skip3012

    Ontario riders

    Hey kyle, there are 3 of us from london send pm
  5. skip3012

    a pic for eddie

    +1 man that was funny
  6. skip3012

    How did you choose your number board number

    519 for the telephone area code.
  7. skip3012

    Sudden Vibration

    I pulled both side cases of to look ,flywheel side looks good stator bolts still locktited tight. Clutch side primary nut still loctited tight, then I loctited the counter balancer nut( it was tight also) checked around for any noticable freeplay in the crank couldn't find anything. When I took out my oil filter it had quite a bit of non-magnetic shavings in it:eek: and a few very tiny bits of red and blue? Right now not sure what to do, I'm leaning toward puting it back together and see what happens. Skip
  8. skip3012

    Sudden Vibration

    Thats what I'm doing tonight, already ordered a new gasket, I won't sleep till I check it out. Thanks Skip
  9. skip3012

    Sudden Vibration

    Thanks bronco, strange I know.. But no abnomal noise. When I did my primary locktite fix a few years back I forgot to do the counter shaft nut. I can't see anything coming loose and not causing major damage, still runs good, revs fast, but definitely a new vibration.
  10. skip3012

    Sudden Vibration

    Thanks, checked mounts, still tight. Eddie is there anything you can think of that would create a vibration but seem to otherwise run good. I'm going to pull the side cover just to check. I noticed on a internal picture, looks like the counter balance shaft has what looks like spings on the end, can this part cause an issue? Skip
  11. skip3012

    Sudden Vibration

    Good thinking, but no such luck. I just removed the gaurds and skidplate to check. As for no loss in power as soon as I noticed the vibration I was easy on it, but it did still pull okay. I'm thinking I'll have to remove the clutch side cover to check the primary nut.
  12. skip3012

    Sudden Vibration

    I was out for a ride, when suddenly I start feeling a bad vibration, first I thought it was weeds in the rims then I noticed it was still there when I stopped.It gets worse with rpm,and always there. I babied it home, no noticable loss in power (but I was taking it easy)or any more engine noise than usual.I've had the bike since new, 07 SM 11000 miles, always well taken care of, 3x3,JD,mrd-ssw,loctite fixes, ect. Just not sure what would cause this. It feels like the engines counter balancer out of balance is a good way to describe it. Any ideas. Thanks Skip
  13. skip3012

    deciding factors

    +1 sold in pairs.
  14. skip3012

    OT: What a game!

    Suck it up ladies.... Mens gold, Womens gold....THIS IS OUR GAME:banana:
  15. skip3012

    Turntech/ Coolant botttle

    Well this sucks, I took the measurements off of turntech website and made a cardboard dummy battery, no way it's going in there without mods to the airbox/boot. Might get the 2.5ah in but I don't have a kick for backup.