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    For all you plated X's - License plate mount

    Still have mine I bought from you Johnny 4 years ago holding up just fine for me but then again I am not pre running Baja and have yet to loop it!! Thanks again!!!
  2. well where do I start?? I have been having problems with this unit wanting to run almost like it keeps running out of gas or injector is messing up ? If I leave it in my heated garage it seems to be ok most of the time. the problem is when trying to start it will start and die right away or a minute later then start and die for a while sometimes will just turnover not starting then bam it lights and dies. the whole time it will not run the check engine light is off then after ten minutes or so of starting and die routine the check engine light comes on and unit runs just fine. if started in heated barn the check engine light usually comes on as soon as key is turned to start and it will run just fine all revolves around weather the light come on or not. sometimes when no light it will run as long as you stay on the gas but as soon as you stop or take thumb off throttle it dies and does the start and die deal until you can get it to run long enough for the engine light to come on then its good to go for 8 hours. I pulled the codes they are 22, 45, 55 58 most appear to be ground issues which where addressed but still no better. I have replaced the pdm twice as they are junk and am thinking it may be the ecu this time as it is a run gas fuel issue?? any ideas let me hear them before it goes up in flames!!! LOL

    Which Braces?

    I have flatlands they are pretty durable also

    kalkaska to traverse city?

    Got a buddy of mine thats lives on Bear Lake we have taken off from his place and trailed it everywhere hit me back and I can get ya in contact with each other. Him and his buddies are 500 2 smoke animals and hard to keep up with when you dont know where you r but they do wait at the cut offs for me. Thet do a ride they call the super mega loop and its 5 days of over 100 miles a day on tight ass 2 track!!!
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words!! There are so many different pumps out there I know Harbor Frieght has a pump that should work for about 150 bucks. Ebay has a few also plus you can see them and match up to what you have. I just whent through same thing trying to find a pump for my gas powered unit and looked at about 15 pumps and most where for an electric unit that shuts off after reaching pressure where my unit keeps running just has valves that allow air not to build up.

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Its a nice jacket for sure and that price is way better than what I paid!!!! LOL

    DNA X-wheels

    Bought mine 1.5 years ago have road trail,track and roads no problems yet!! Got mine for 450 delivered back then well worth it 2 me!!!

    BEST SKID PLATE for the $$$?

    Must say I like mine also has been bounced of quite a few Michigan boulders, slammed a few huge arsh roots, and still has the bling factor !!!!! As far as the frame flexing not sure I could tell the differance once I mounted it up!! Then again Im no Mcgrath either

    05 750 brute force no low gear

    Thanks for the input. I do understand totally knew it wasnt belt!! Its internal for sure just dont have it here in front of me so wasnt sure if cases had to be split or if the transmission or gearcase as its called on my Polaris is a seperate unit like on a Harley or if its a solid unit like my dirt bike just larger!! Looks like motor is coming out and being split in 2!!!!

    05 750 brute force no low gear

    There has to be gears somewhere in the transmission. Although it is not a seperate trans like my Polaris. It runs fine in high gear but when shifted to low there is no go like its in nuetral something inside must of let go. By the way I love my belt drive on the Sportsman!!! Way better than the trx or crf when just cruizing around and plowing snow
  11. While riding the other day my buddies quad got bogged down in some deep he hit the gas and a loud pop and no more low it just seems like its in nuetral. Any ideas on what went?? Is the only way into the trans by splitting the cases?? any help is appreciated!!!!!

    I want black rims, what's the best way to go?

    DNA is an inexpensive way to go. Not a bad product in my opinion over a year old and no problems for me yet!!!! cost 450 to my door complete!!!

    works connection skidplate

    not sure on the fit but I have a brand new one in the box id sell ya if interested!!! Bought another brand and received this one for x-mas

    For all you plated X's - License plate mount

    Mines holding up well also!!! Although it doesnt see as much use as you guys out there in Cali for sure!!! Thanks again Johnny!!! Ever think of fleabaying the others????

    DNA Extreme Wheels???

    had mine over a year now spokes havnt needed any attention yet!!! 450 delivered to my door with rim strips and locks, bought rotors and bolts from craigslist for 50 for both delivered also!!!! I imagine any rim would fold up under some circumstances!!! Some people just think its an inferior product because they paid double for theres!!!!