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  1. I had an E350 but it was all over the place in the whoops and I could not clear any doubles with it to save my life. (sorry, I couldn't resist)
  2. Larry T

    How to put on new airbox door..?

    I just used some small side cutters to remove the "tabs" on the old cover and it pulled off very easily. Install the new cover on the door and use a soldering iron to melt the "posts" down the center than just mush them down with the handle of a screw driver to form the "tab". Do not use a torch as this will deform the door in the process of heating the posts.
  3. http://www.jcwhitney.com/PROGRIP-BED-BOLTS/GP_2012045_N_111+10714+600000629_10614.jcw I've had one of these in center/front of my bed for a couple years and it works great for hauling two bikes.
  4. Larry T

    re-spoking rear wheel

    When you lace the rear wheel, install the outer spokes (closest to the hub outer edge) first because they are difficult to insert with the inners in place. I just reinstall the wheel on the swing-arm, as the previous post states, and begin tightening (by hand) a few threads at a time (all the way around) until they are all uniform & snug (not tight). Use a small piece of wood or plastic (I use a wood ruler) as a truing guide by placing it to the rim edge to check the side-to-side deflection and on top of the rim to check the vertical deflection. I use a 1/4" torque wrench w/ a hex bit and slowly increase the torque at each full pass around the rim (about 4-6 passes) checking and adjusting the "true-ness??" as I go. It is not as difficult or tedious as it seems. Just make many minor tightening passes instead of a few major ones and the wheel will be nearly true and require very little adjustments along the way.
  5. Larry T

    Bulk Oil Filters??

    Rocky Mountain - Neutron oil filters $2.20 under "closeouts"
  6. Larry T

    Ftr Hs #5

    Great race/property... I hope we can go back next year. Thanks to OSDR & the property owner.
  7. Larry T

    FTR Sunday HS racers

    SR C - 66C Honda 250X
  8. Larry T

    Is Big Scrub Shut Down?

    http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/florida/recreation/documents/Ocala%20OHV%208-27.pdf Delancey - Parking area is west of fs88 on fs75 (west of the campground)
  9. Larry T

    Is Big Scrub Shut Down?

    http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/florida/recreation/ocala_ohv.shtml I rode the motorcycle loop a few weeks ago and loved it. It is much better than it was prior to the improvements. Check out the map on the web site & park in the new parking area at the entrance to the motorcycle loop. There are pay boxes located by the rest rooms. The trails just south of the parking area were also nice. My only complaint would be that they should be unidirectional. I have not tried the new Centennial Trail (Big Scrub area) but I believe it is sloooow & wiiiide and designed more for the picnic/quad crowd.
  10. I use the same brace (standard) with my 250X and love it... no more leaking seals
  11. Larry T

    Tire recommendation for North Florida

    Michelin S12 ... Check the size conversion charts for the proper size.
  12. Larry T

    Help.......Graphic issues

    http://www.decalmx.com/mxbkgs.ihtml You can also choose an alternate front plate style
  13. His Dirt Wise video has some great skills building techniques. Beasleys - I'm considering the Jax (area) school ... Any place DECENT to stay near by?
  14. Larry T

    Avgas 100ll

    I use Avgas 110LL often in my 250X, sometimes straight & sometimes with whatever 93 is left in the tank. I've been doing this off & on for 2 years and never had any issues. I don't really notice much difference between 93 and avgas other than the exhaust odor.
  15. Larry T

    Carolina Adventure World..Who's been?

    Roy Taylor OHV park in Cullowhee NC ... Small, but great 1 way, marked trails with lots of elevation changes. Usually have the place all to yourself. http://www.cs.unca.edu/nfsnc/recreation/tayloratv.pdf