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    New Uni filter xr400 help

    Thanks, I have read that some cut and some leave it. That still does on answer why it does not seem to fit over the lip of the mating surface of the airbox. I am used to my other bikes where the air cleaner fits right into place. With the xr400..even with the stock air cleaner, I never can tell if it is on correctly.
  2. Drbjs302001

    New Uni filter xr400 help

    I just purchased a new Uni filter for my 97 XR400. Thi Uni came with its own cage so I am assuming that I no longer need to use the cage that came with the bike. The problem is that it does not seem to fit well over the lip inside the airbox. The Uni filter has a piece of foam that goes across the carb side of the filter that may be getting in the way. I wanted to know if this should be romoved or did I get the wrong filter? Has anyone had to "trim" the filter so that it fits better? Thanks, Brian