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  1. CE550

    Bubba ??

  2. I know many aircraft that sit for many months and after a quick fuel sump they are ready and lgal to fly...
  3. CE550

    08 250 xcf-w squeaking brakes

    Try this for the exhaust leak... Works on my 450 for 6-8 rides and then reseal again...
  4. You could try replacing the battery in the speedometer assembly.
  5. CE550

    Diesel Pickup Opinion

    I have an 2004.5 Cummins 2500 w/6spd (Banks Exhaust @ K/N Filter) and while towing (8500# horse trailer) it gets about 17mpg. Not towing it is usually about 22mpg w/an average speed of 75mph... Love the 6/spd and good luck with your search...
  6. CE550

    need help!

    Try Cytomax...Tangy Orange or Go Grape is good... It helps if you follow the recommended directions for consumption... http://www.cytosport.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=5