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  1. Hello all! I just picked up a 2009 KLX250SF with a whole 92 miles on the bike. The previous owner was a shorter gal and she had installed the moose lowering links for the rear suspension and had the kickstand cut to match the height. Now, I'm 6 foot and would like the bike to be at its original height again and am wondering if any one has there old stock links kicking around that they would like to get ride of. Please let me know, I can't wait to start riding a little 250 again!
  2. bmigz

    Pilot Jet Sizing

    Issues being with the taper on the aluminum fuel screw? Would it be beneficial to go back to the stock fuel screw till I order a new one? What does everyone else think on using a larger 155-160 MJ as well for a DRZ-S? Thanks again, hopefully it stops snowing so the riding can begin.
  3. bmigz

    Pilot Jet Sizing

    Craigo, isn't a 155-160 main jet a little rich for a drz-s, I thought only SM were running the higher main jet. Either way, I think I will be trying that next. As for the size difference in the PJ, the orifice on the 25 is smaller then the 22.5, either way I am going back to the 22.5 and will play with it from there.
  4. bmigz

    Pilot Jet Sizing

    They both had the Mikuni symbol stamped on them and were ordered as Mikuni pilot jets. So, I am guessing my original assumption of the higher the number on the pilot jet, the bigger the diameter is what everyone else is agreeing with?
  5. bmigz

    Pilot Jet Sizing

    Okay, I've been searching and have not found an answer to my question yet. I am having an issue with the off idle performance of my drz400s and I was into the carb last night changing out the pilot jet from a 22.5 to a 25 when I noticed that the 25 jet was smaller in diameter then the 22.5. I didn't have my gauge pins to get the exact size but the 25 was a visibly smaller diameter then the 22.5. I had always thought the increase in number meant an increase in jet size. Is this correct or is it the slightest possibility that it was stamped wrong at mikuni? Jet specs are now, 142.5 MJ, 25 PJ, DJ needle-clip in 4th position, aluminum extended fuel screw-2.5 turns, at an elevation of 800' . It still has a hesitation off of idle... Thanks in advance
  6. bmigz

    new tires-t63?

    Can you push the front well on the slab? I hoping I will be able to take clover-leafs a little faster then I can now with kenda 270s.
  7. Is that just do to it being a dynojet needle vs. the JD needle?
  8. I have the same issue with the same mods, gear, elevation, but I am running a 142.5 mj and don't have the E cam. From reading all of Eddies post it seems as if a 140 to even a 142.5 main jet is still to lean after the 3x3 mod. Maybe try 150 main jet even though the main jet has more impact later on in throttle twist.
  9. bmigz

    new tires-t63?

    I am also curious about the t63's, they'll be the next set I try. My understanding is that they are more of a 60-70 percent street tire 40-30 percent dirt. I have yet to see them in person but after searching many different forums and dealers, they say they are less aggressive then the 606’s.
  10. bmigz

    OEM 2002 Drz400 exhaust tip

    Thanks for the offers, now that I know the LTZ tip will work I think I'll just find one of those locally. Thank you
  11. bmigz

    OEM 2002 Drz400 exhaust tip

    I am guessing most years of the LTZ 400's use the same cap? The mufflers are different from the DRZ400s thought correct? Thanks for your help, and yes if anyone has one lying around I would love to pick it up from you.
  12. My father-in-law and I both picked up 2002 DRZ400s recently and my father in-law's was missing the exhaust tip and it sounds like crap. He wants it quite and I thought I could just order a tip from Suzuki (I did for my old xr400), but I can't find just the tip on any part schematics, just the whole rear exhaust pipe. Does anyone know where I could pick one up, or have an old one lying around that they could part with? Another thought, does anyone know in the honda's xr400 exhaust tips fit on these bikes? Thanks--