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    New to Green

    We have two 12's and one '10 in our pits and all of them were completly dry on all the suspension bearings/shafts. I would highly suggest a quick tear down and greasing with a good waterproof grease(takes about 3 hours total). Evidently Kawi uses a light oil during assembly. Other than that just enjoy . She is BAD, u will be pleased
  2. Dack1

    DRZ125 Service Manual PDF

    Smacaroni, I'm still looking, did not receive a pm. If you could hook me up it would be sweet. thanks, Dack
  3. Dack1

    DRZ125 Service Manual PDF

    beamishnz, your box is full so no more private pm's until you clear some... looking for a weather report. thanks Dack
  4. Dack1

    2010 yz450f exhaust

    Thanks for the replys guys. I'll check the subframe. it looks straight but I'll put a lazer on it. Thnks again
  5. anybody had any problems with the silencer hitting the brake caliper? I have a Jardine and it's been hitting fairly good. Pipe is done, I need to buy a new one but don't won't to invest and have it hit. Springs for my weight and sag is at 102-104. Seems to hit make contact on the big hits or overjumping.
  6. Dack1

    powroll drz 190cc stroker motor for sale

    tom, i'm interested. Have him call me @ 904-710-8976. Was just about to order a big bore and accessories.
  7. Dack1

    2010 backgrounds

    Cool, thanks guys.
  8. Dack1

    2010 backgrounds

    Anybody know of a background graphic that match or look good with the 2010 white/red factory yamaha grahics? everything Ive found is either blue or doesnt look like the same style. Looking for just number plate backgrounds. thanks
  9. Dack1

    Which bike?

    Are you guys impressed, joined 2006 and this is my firsty post. wow I did'nt think it was that long ago
  10. Dack1

    Which bike?

    Guys, I need some advise, I going to purchase a new KTM next week. Here's my canundrum. I have four choices that are on my list: 1 - 2011 450SX-F $ 8500.00 OTD 2 - 2011 350 SX-F $ 8100.00 OTD 3 - 2010 450 SX-F $ 7700.00 OTD new left over 4 - 2008 450 SX-F $ 5500.00 OTD new left over I can buy what ever I want money wise but obviously don't won't to spend $ I don't need to. I am a 50yr. old C rider, mostly play riding. I wore out these forums reading all the differences of the bikes. seems to me that the 2010 is a good choice, but the '08 had really good reviews also, buy the way anything I buy will have to have suspension work as I'm 250lbs in gear. Any suggestions?