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  1. Can anyone tell me the torque specs for the 30 mm bolt and the two smaller bolts on the triple clamp. I have a set of bars to install Friday. How about the front axle bolt. I removed it to install new springs. Didn't feel very tight. Thanks for the help
  2. Conehead396

    Extended swingarm (added height)

    doopsx3, are you saying a stock 70 swingarm and forks? if so, is the 70 swing arm a direct bolt on other than having to get a longer chain.
  3. After much searching through the post, I have to ask. How much does height does an extended swing-arm (2 or 3 inch) add to a 50. So far I have ordered a Bar set and a Fox Float for my son's bike. If I go with the swing-arm later, just trying out figure out what I would have to do to the front end to level it out, it anything. Great forum, my first post on handle bars was answered quickly and accurately.
  4. Conehead396

    Bar Kit For Kids

    Thanks for the help. I found a pair at BBR that is 25 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Should give me the height I want without being too wide.
  5. Conehead396

    Bar Kit For Kids

    Just got my son a 07 50. I want to upgrade the bars and controls for a seven year old. Will properly be adding tall seat by the end of the summer also. I know the BMX type are the tallest, but what is the shortest after market set up.
  6. Conehead396

    MIKUNI 26MM Carb Cable

    I replaces the carb on my TTR90 with a 26mm MIKUNI. The stock cable is too short. It's long enough to connect, but the internal cable is not long enough to alow the throttle to close past half way. Yes, I adjusted it as far as it would go, in the right direction. What is everyone doing for a cable for the 26MM.
  7. Conehead396

    Please Help TTR 24MM Carb.

    I would like to put a 24 MM carb on a TTR 90. The current carb is beyond repare. All of them I see on ebay have a 1 7/8 inch center for the bolts that mount to the intake. They say they fit the TTR90 but the center on my intake mounting holes are les than 1 7/8. Do I need and adapter, and where would I get one. Or do I need a new intake Thanks for any help.
  8. Conehead396

    TTR 90 Carb. Broken fuel line connection

    OK, My neighbor got a 2000 TTR 90 for his son. Running rough, so I took the carb apart and everything was plugged. The guy he got it from must have had it setting for a couple of years. Varnish everywhere. I cleaned the tank and tank fuel valve too. Runs great now. Problem is, the nipple on the carb where the fuel line connects is broken off. There is a little left, but not enought to trust. Can the nipple be replaced. I know you can't screw it off, but it is not cast into the body. Does it pull off or is he screwed.