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    2002 Husqvarna 570 TE

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know your opinion. I was just thinking, out of all the bikes I raced up hills and out on the flats, I NEVER LOST ONCE! I tore apart all the 250's 450's and even a cr500. But I think you're right about finding the right buyer as it's not a common bike, and it's not a common rider who's brave enough to try to tame it!!!!!! THIS DAMN BIKE IS MEAN FAST!! Hey by the way good luck with your leg, sorry to hear your laid up! Get well soon!
  2. agliderpilot

    2002 Husqvarna 570 TE

    I'm trying to sell this bike and I'm finding that either nobody knows how freaky powerful this thing is or they don't think it's worth anything at all. I feel it's worth at least 3000.00 USD concidering it's been rode less than 500 miles since new in 02. It's in superb condition. Am I asking too much? Anyone know what I should ask for it? Anyone interested in it? This bike is in very good condition. It's been ridden less than 500 miles. Has head and tail light. I've kept up on oil changes and airfilter cleanings. I've had the bike about 3 months and have realized that it's just too much power for me to handle. It's got serious torque and scary power. It's got a 1 tooth smaller front sprocket in order to help climb the hills at slow speeds. With the stock sprocket I'm told it will exceed 100mph. I've never droped the bike even one time. I'm the second owner since new. It has way too much power for an average rider like me. So with a sad heart I've decided to step down to a 450. This bike would be great for a heavy rider. I'm interested in trades for a 450. Would just love to have a Husky 450. Please call my cell number for questions. 801-458-4885