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  1. So today I'm riding the 17 Beta 350 up some steep loose dusty uphill littered with roots and rocks. On my second stop for a breather I switched the FI mapping to wet and swear it was easier on the rest of the climb. Anyone else try this or heard of it?
  2. UberKul

    Big find at Elkins,on the news

    This is what that hole looked like Saturday prior to him going in. Note the dead tree and flagging on the far side where I'm guessing he went in from the original picture. Poor guy has a lifetime of "told you so's" coming from friends and family.
  3. UberKul

    Suzuki DR650SE 2002

    The Swiss Army knife of motorcycles.
  4. UberKul

    Suzuki DR650SE (2002)


    The Swiss Army knife of motorcycles.
  5. UberKul


    Has anyone measured the stock bars to figure out the bend?
  6. I might come over just for dinner!
  7. Have you considered a more do-it-all compromise like First Gear’s Kilimanjaro or Olympia’s AST? Both come in women versions and might fit the dual sport requirement better than your street leather or impact plastic. I only wear a compression suit off road these days (Thor Impact SE) and it really takes a hit well but the mesh would disintegrate in a slide. I can’t really imagine wearing leather on a hot dusty trail ride either. You will probably end up with three or four jackets in the closet before long anyway so start in the middle and work your way to street/dirt only gear later. …Just an opinion.
  8. Leviathon Mine Rd from Monitor Pass may have a way to come in to Markleeville from the east. My buddies and I use it at the end of a big loop we do to get back to Hwy 4. I have not ridden that particular road (we come off 395) but most up in that area all seem doable with a 2WD with some ground clearance. I think I looked at it on Google Earth a while back and you can connect the roads. It might get snotty in the rain/snow.
  9. UberKul

    Dr 650 = Wow

    For me, the DR is a much more versatile bike than my Husky TE450. Unless you are really throwing it around on some single track, need the ground clearance for rocks/logs or are having to pick it up after dropping it a lot the DR will get the job done. I was on a pay-per-view dual sport ride near Yosemite this Sat and should have taken the DR. Mostly rocky dirt roads that the DR would have floated over while the Husky kept me on my toes all day with deflections at both ends and a rear end that wanted to be a front end in the corners. The TE really comes into its own when ridden hard or covering its owner’s mistakes. It’s almost magical the stupid crap it has let me get away with in the really knarly stuff! ... and the power will make you giggle more.
  10. UberKul

    Has anyone found a paint/coating that sticks to IMS tanks?

    You sure you didn't get a natural colored tank? They start off fairly clear and end up beige but at least you can still see your fuel level. Please keep us posted on your results.
  11. UberKul

    Need a little info

    You went into their house to tell them how good your house is...not the best starting point. I agree the DR is a great bike but the OP wrote he came off a MX bike and was looking for a a trail bike (nothing about DS). He wrote he wanted a WR so all he was really looking for was confirmation of his choice. He wanted an apple and you offered an orange, nice gesture, but he (they) had their taste buds all set for an apple.
  12. UberKul

    Lower Triple qustion

    I feel your pain. After shearing one of mine off and finding out a new OEM was over 2 bills I fabricated new steel stops, threaded them and bolted on from underneath (after shaving off the old ones). I shaped them so that the lip of the fork clamp works with the stop and keeps it from rotating. I would have gone with new triples but couldn't find any aftermarket at the time. Scotts and BRP make the tops but no bottoms as far as I know.
  13. UberKul

    Anyone Lose A Camera?

    That was my brothers camera. Mikie1:worthy:
  14. UberKul

    Did somebody lose a camera?

    PM sent.
  15. Thanks SoCA DRZ, the guys at Trail Tech emailed me back with the info.