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  1. FLeX484

    VDR Vet MX Series?

    so last dumb question....if i don't race till 11, what time do i need to be there by to sign up?!?
  2. FLeX484

    VDR Vet MX Series?

    Any sort of memberships required to race this....AMA, VDR ??
  3. Have not had the bike out yet this year due to person matters, but figure this will be a great weekend to ride. Looking to find some new people to ride with....tired of riding alone. Anyone riding any of the tracks this weekend? I will drive to any of the major 4...watkins, lakewood, erie, berthoud either sat or sun works for me.... thanks!
  4. is Jake Weimer running this weekend ??....if so he might have to be my sleeper pick to try and pass Johnny:thumbsup:
  5. FLeX484

    Thunder Valley

    I'm planning on being out there Saturday morning....silver ford escape 3 rail trailer yamaha #484
  6. FLeX484

    VDR Vet Race

    I'll be there weather permiting....i'm one of those fair weather riders!!!
  7. FLeX484

    Major kitchen pass for this weekend!!

    The wife has an appointment on Saturday morning....i can probably sneek away to either of those tracks....the earlier the better for me!
  8. FLeX484

    Berthoud or Lakewood 7/18??

    That would have been me!!.....track was really good as usual...except for the rock that put me over the bars
  9. Just wanted to see if anyone is going to ride berthoud or lakewood tomorrow 7/18....wife is out of town and i'm not a big fan of riding track alone....i'm leaning towards bethoud...earlier am....like 8 or so
  10. FLeX484

    VDR this 3 day weekend?

    Track was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!.....I had a blast, but i definately over did it....wish i could race there on sunday
  11. FLeX484

    VDR this 3 day weekend?

    was gonna head up there today 7/3....anyone know if they got alot of rain up there last night??
  12. I'm sure there are lots of people with friday 7/3 off....are either Berthoud or Erie going to be prepping that day....wanna try to get some friends together for a ride..... Thanks!
  13. FLeX484

    How's the weather at Berthoud this week ??

    was out there today for a lesson....some muddy parts on the main track, but they were drying out quickly....that new "dark" soil was AWESOME.....Saturday should be amazing!!!!
  14. +1 on Dave Johnson....i''ve got 3 hours on my 08 since i got the suspension back from him.....i can't believe how much better it feels. Handles like a dream!!!!!
  15. FLeX484

    no spark arrestor needed

    Holy crap....i apologize, I've ridden there for a few years....still have friends and family that live in GJ and ride all the time.....they have never used Spark arresters....I've even had blm guys pull up to our rigs with our bikes right in front of them, and stop to talk to us....never said anything to us! Never intentionally meant to break the rules! guess i'll have to re-think that july trip!!!