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  1. rm250-bailey

    DRZ400SM for Trail Riding?

    Use mine off road all the time. TKC 80's and proper suspension settings and it will suprise you. A little front end heavy for serious single track but it will do it. You notice the weight when you come hot into a corner but the brakes are stunning. I'm actually amazed that more people don't use this bike as an adventure. It's almost perfect for it at very low cost. The stock suspension, taken from the RM250 ,once set up correctly is very good. Get some better pegs, change the tires to a 50/50 like TKC 80's , set your sag and start with baseline suspension settings then go from there.
  2. rm250-bailey

    DRZ400sm Best off road tires

    TKC 80's are the shit. Run mine 60/40 road offroad and couldn't be happier. They do wear quickly, only issue
  3. rm250-bailey

    Lets see the RMZ's

    I did have to fight it a bit. I remember getting the stabilizer and thinking I was gonna whip it on and go riding. Wasn't as easy as I had hoped! I don't know about you but I really liked the oversize tank for the range but I did notice it affected the handling of the bike when I filled it right up.
  4. rm250-bailey

    Reprogram after new exhaust ?

    Good advice, thanks guys
  5. rm250-bailey

    Lets see the RMZ's

    My 07 Rmz276, setup for woods. gone now, replaced by a 2010. Bottom end on this one was so good.
  6. rm250-bailey

    Reprogram after new exhaust ?

    Anybody out there know if I add a Megabomb and 4.1 full system if I'll have to have my ECU reprogrammed on my 2010 RMZ250? I was hoping I could just switch to the rich coupler but the guy at FMF told me that it might run too lean with this system. If any of you have any experience or ideas on this, let me know. Thanks.
  7. rm250-bailey

    Woods Weapons

    It's a Mitas 4.00X18 trials. I'm not sure it's any bigger than the 120/19 but it has more sidewall. The tread is super soft and pliable but doesn't seem to wear much. the footprint is wide and the grip on rocks and roots is simply amazing. the biggest difference I've noticed is when roots are wet. The tire still grips and propels you forward. It's not great for braking and moves around more than I like on hardpack corners but overall, the smiles outweigh the frowns. The thing I had to get used to is you have to be prepared for the bike to hook up and shoot you forward in places you might have had tire spin with a regular tire.
  8. rm250-bailey

    Woods Weapons

    I've had 2 strokes. RM250, 04 and 07 and a KTM 200. I like the way the 4 stroke puts power to the ground. Of all the bikes I've ridden, this one works the best for me. Lot's of guys might prefer the quick delivery of a 2 stroke but, to each his own.
  9. rm250-bailey

    Woods Weapons

    Sorry, posted twice by accident
  10. rm250-bailey

    Woods Weapons

    Alright, you guys know who you are. Dedicated woods warriors who thrive on the nasty stuff. I just put the finishing touches on my woods creation. It's taken a year and a half to get to this point but I couldn't be happier with the result. I started with an 07 rmz250, added the absolute must haves, ( hand guards, skid plate,rad guards, etc. After riding it I had the suspension revalved and spring rates changed by Riders Edge, and installed a powerbomb 4.1 full system. Rode for a while again then added a rekluse z-start pro. The bike would still bog over big logs so I installed a powerbowl 2. ( Great product ) I changed the stock pegs to fastway F5's and had to change the exhaust can to an FMF speed after destroying my 4.1 in a crash. ( I actually liked the change ) I also bent my front rotor so I went with a 280mm EBC wave and while I was at it changed the grabby rear to a galfer wave with an EE guard. An Acerbis 3 gallon tank gave me long ride ability and a scotts sub mount damper calmed the front end down. since I was going full woods and we have lots of roots and rocks here, I laced up an 18" rim and run a trials tire out back. I'm done now and while it wasn't cheap, It's an extremely effective and fun woods bike. It has more than enough power for the woods I ride and is almost impossible to stall with the z-start. The handling is incredible and the trials tire is like cheating. I'd like to know if I'm the only mental case or if there are others. Let's see and hear about some of your creations !!
  11. rm250-bailey

    anyone wanna ride?

    Sounds great man. Email me when you're coming up and we'll arrange a couple of good rides. baileyco@telus.net
  12. rm250-bailey

    anyone wanna ride?

    For sure man, just let me know when you're coming up. There's some sick singletrack here and in Williams Lake. Bring a buddy too if you want.
  13. rm250-bailey

    anyone wanna ride?

    If you want to make a trip up to 100 Mile House, we'll take you out and show you some great singletrack. Let me know...
  14. rm250-bailey

    Post pics of your 2010!

    I'm jealous. That is honestly one of the best looking bikes I've ever seen. We have 2 07's and love them. I'm anxious to try a 2010.
  15. rm250-bailey

    RMZ rebuild and will only scream when started!

    It sure sounds like the hot start. I know you checked it but I just had the same problem and that's what it was for me.