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  1. sagersjr

    01 yz250 clutch or trans problem dont know

    drain your oil, if it's your clutch, your nose will tell you....
  2. sagersjr

    another clutch question

    there's no exact measurement to say "that is bad", but if you can feel it with your finger, it's only going to get worse and your plates will fail prematurely, how much depends on too many things to say...just how much do you mind taking it apart every hour of riding and checking it...just how good are you at telling if the clutch is slipping ??? as long as you don't scorch the clutches and warp the plates you won't need new ones...right??? sorrrryy, this was no help... good luck, sagers
  3. sagersjr

    Striped Screw

    what do you mean by stripped? is the head damaged? does the screw turn without coming out? has it come out enough to get a straight pin under the screw? let me know and I'll give you a plan... sagers
  4. sagersjr

    yz125 05 clutch shaft

    my clutch pivot shaft (new design for 05) is drifting out of the case when there is freeplay in the cable during high engine revs. (I can just put the bike in neutral, take my hand off the clutch and rev the motor three times...by then it is so far out that the next clutch application bends the retaining arm and allows it to move far enough out of the case to lose contact with the clutch push rod. I've had the clutch and all linkage apart several times and can't find the problem. Acts like crankcase pressure is pushing it out (but still does it with the fill cap off) Hope someone's been here before or has a source of help for me. My local Yamaha and Kawasaki shops are baffled. What was supposed to hold this part in place anyway?? luck? thanks in advance for any help. Just to clarify, I'm talking about the part that acts like the clutch fork on a car... the cable is connected on one end and the other end pushes the push rod, ball, throwout bearing, pressure plate.