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  1. cdlabate

    Street legal

  2. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=329499
  3. cdlabate

    That Pesky Horn

    Ita very amusing on the motocross track. I hid the horn behind front number plate because its useless. The horn is there to be legal and is only there to be legal.
  4. cdlabate

    Throttle return cable missing

    When I had my 07 540exc I removed the return cable and noticed the throttle to be considerably smoother, but its not like a 'must do mod'. Try it! See how you like.
  5. cdlabate

    aprilia dorsoduro first ride

    Just curious, (not to change the subject) but how would it compare to a KTM Superduke? These are the only two bikes I'm looking at to purchase soon? I know their two diferent styles of bike and not a direct matchup, but their both good bikes and their both veddy sexy!
  6. cdlabate

    Recommended Mods for 450 EXC

    Supermoto, supermoto, supermoto.
  7. cdlabate

    My small mirror mod

    Looks good! Fold out mirrors are nice, but as some Hypermotarders are finding out, there not very good for lane splitting.
  8. cdlabate

    Super moto tires and rims

    You paid good money for your KTM, why would you skip out on quality rims and tires.., just a thought.
  9. cdlabate

    Aprilia Dorsoduro again....

    wait for the 1200.
  10. cdlabate

    530 exc horn location

    If your riding a barely street legal DIRT BIKE. The horn is there so that you can be legal on the roads. Do you want performance or do you want the itty bitty horn to be loud? I would go the performance route. Mount it under the headlight mask. Works great! Use all stock brackets.