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  1. Roger_JrdRacing

    Remember your first big crash?

    I got my first one on video too. Nobody had ever hit that jump before so it was kinda like just guessing with speed... Needless to say it was a bad guess A week later I broke my pelvis and got a mild concussion in a big crash. A plate and 3 screws in my pelvis. 5 week recovery. AMAZING
  2. Roger_JrdRacing

    My Other Videos

    Just lookin for input. Like or don't like.. etc. Thanks Broke my pelvis a week later. A plate and 3 screws put in.
  3. Never finished the video.. Just looking for tips and input and stuff. Thanks
  4. Roger_JrdRacing

    My full blown Rmz race bike

    This bike is as stock as stock gets. You haven't even touched a race bike. I'm in the process of working my 04 RMZ 250 and I still wouldn't consider it full blown. And I honestly don't know where you guys are blowing that dough. My cost is way under yours. Rage Motors Port and Polish and what not.. Cams High comp piston Boyesen Hi-Flo Impeller Boyesen Quickshot Haven't decided on which Tree yet but most likely Pro Taper rubber mount Black Pro Wheel Rims Powdercoated Head Powdercoated Subframe Yoshimura full race exhaust Suspension is done by KPS Mt. Holly Racing Graphix w/ One Industries Seat Michelin Tires ...that's all I can think of right now, I just tore the bike down tonight.