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  1. dtracy

    CRF250R as woods bike?

    My bikes are/have been crf250r, crf250x, crf450r and now ktm 200 xcw. I just got the ktm, so won't talk about it. but for the past 5 years the crf250r has been my favorite woods/trail bike. We ride pretty rough woods. Chadwick area, (mark twain national forest). The crf250r was geared down 1 tooth in the front, and thats it. I prrefered it to the x, because it was lighter. It pulled great up hills. I felt like I could walk up hills on the bike. And these were usually pretty steep hills. I finally sold the x, just didn't feel as nimble and easy to control in the woods. These two bikes were very close in power, etc, etc. the r probably had a little more bite, but not much. Just recently sold the x, and bought the ktm. Now that is my more aggressive bike, it definately has some kick, but it was awesome on my first trail ride.
  2. dtracy

    selling my 2012 xcw 200

    You still got the 200. Where are you located? I've got a crf250 that I trail ride, and looking to move to the 200.
  3. I need a new wheel for a crf250x and am trying to avoid buying a new one, rather expensive. I've been looking on ebay. does anyone know if another tire would fit. For example, an xr 200, or xr400 ?? Please, any advice on this.
  4. dtracy

    Help Me Choose Boots

    I have some 2008 F3, and I find them to be very stiff, dificult for shifting. I previously had Fox Tracker, and didn't have this problem. Needless to say, due to the stiffness of the F3's, I'm looking for a new pair of boots.
  5. dtracy

    The Best Trail Bike

    I read some of the posts that talk about a kdx 200. I would have to disagree with that. I went from a kdx 200 to a crf250r and that move, put smiles on my face when I'd ride the 250. But I too have wondered if there was a better bike for the woods. IE, a ktm 300?
  6. dtracy

    Chad Reed

    It was awesome to watch, but it looked like reed went in for the block pass, and normally one of the riders would pull up at that point. Neither of them did, so it just looks like reed took out stewarts front wheel. I've heard people call it a legal pass, but if thats the only way he can win, is to knock stewart down, then he's the punk that everyone says he is. stewarts just too fast for reed, and reed doesn't like it. The year reed one the championship, was like the year the Houston rockets one the nba championship. Jordan had retired, so it a championship with an * next to it. As with reed, championship with an * next to it. He just happened to be the best of all the other average riders. But RC and stewart are just in another league.
  7. dtracy

    Say What!!! (ST.Louis pic)

    Was there and saw it on TV. Reed made a dirty pass, took out the front wheel of Stewart. Stewart then rode crazy mad to get back to 2nd. Made a cleaner pass on reed. Reed's a jerk if he meant to do that, if he didn't, just say sorry, didn't mean to make such an agressive pass and go on.
  8. dtracy

    250F for woods?

    I've ridden a kdx200 for the past 4 years, and just this last year bought a crf250r 2004. Usually the first time you take a bike you've never ridden into a new place, woods, hills, rocks, etc. You kind of have to get used to the bike. Let's just say this bike put a smile on my face when I rode it. The only mod that was done to this bike, was the front sprocket, was taken down 1 tooth by the previous owner. Specifically for trail riding. It climbed everything, rocks/hills with a fairly steep incline. And in the tight trails, this bike was unmatched, it was easy to flick around and quick. I'd highly recommend a crf250r