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  1. Have you checked to see that the valves are within spec? Also maybe see if the fuel pump is putting out the proper amount of fuel. How many hours on the bike and does the bike pop at all when riding?
  2. Why not try putting it back to stock and see what you get? Also what is this ktm knob you speak of for eliminating the hot start. Been wanting to do this but have no clue on what to use to fill that void.
  3. 450 is not the same and 10-17 rmz250 will work. If you're looking for a oversized tank no one makes one
  4. What part of pa you in?
  5. He I would look at the o ring because they are easy to pinch but is that the only place oil is coming from? I would look and see if the vent hose coming from the back of the motor is clogged or pinched. Could cause the motor pressurize and it's taking out the weakest parts.
  6. I probably have a little over three grand and if I was ever to sell I'd like 4K. I'll post up more pictures later
  7. I would take that he 14 over the 13. They changed the ecu on the 14 to help with starting. Have seen some 13s idler gear break and cases break. I have a 14 and love it but did have 2 13s and 10. Found my self hitting false neutral on everyone but my 14. Also have never had a issue with overheating. I've ran engine ice in all my bikes and never had a problem. Only bike I had overheat was a 08 Rmz450 in trails
  8. CamP can you private message me, I have a question about something if you don't mind. Sorry to jump in your thread tjs514
  9. My 2014
  10. I know this is a old topic you had but how did you ever get the bearings out?? I'm having the same issue right now. I used that same press you have and everything I can think of and they won't come out. If you can let me know how you got yours out that would be amazing!!
  11. Like the two post above said, get some bridgestones. My front would tuck all the time with the mx51 and I have the m403-m404. It sticks amazing in turns now. I feel a lot more confident going into a turn now with some good speed. The rear end worked for me after I set the sag but I went 2 clicks softer on the compression up front.
  12. So I'm getting ready to split the cases and do some work on this 2012 kx250f. Trying to figure out this issue I'm having with the oil not fully draining. You can fill it up with oil and it will just sit in the clutch side for the most part. You pull the drain plug and oil will come out but you look at the sight glass and oil is still full in there. So for some reason all the oil isn't draining and something is blocking it from coming out of the clutch side. Any input would be great for what to keep an eye for when looking everything over. I'm just a little confused on what it could be. Thanks
  13. Yeah it's not great but can be fixed
  14. Found out why the motor had issues and why it most likely isn't draining. Metal and fiber sitting all by the drain hole and I'm thinking it has some in the ports. Going to clean everything very well and blow everything out with air. Putting a new oil pump in as well from anything that past through that. Better safe then sorry
  15. I'll look when I get home. I have everything torn apart ready to split the cases
  16. Now where is this lower passage? I'm guessing I can blow out all the passages when I split the cases or can I find out if it's blocked befor splitting?
  17. Yup, I did that also. I wish it was that simple
  18. I'd love it if it was only 200ml but it's a lot more then that in there. I pull the drain plug and the oil never goes down past the sight glass. You can have the drain plug out and pour oil in and maybe a trickle will come out. If you drain he oil the sight glass should be clear of oil and when you pour oil in it should flow out the drain plug. Something on the right crank case is blocking it for some reason. I'm just looking to see if anyone know what might to look for or where to start. Should be splitting the cases this week
  19. 2012 kx250f has piston slap after 10hrs on rebuild. The bike got new valves, piston, and cylinder 10hrs ago and now having issues. The cylinder is in spec and the piston is at 76.68mm. I'm wondering if that piston could have just been defective or the cylinder because it does have marks on the piston and cylinder. The crank has no up and down play and the side to side is in spec. I'm just confused on what caused the issue only after 10hrs. Any input is great Here are some pictures of the piston and cylinder. Only one side has marks on it and the other is smooth. I forget if it's the intake or exhaust side
  20. Found a very little galling in the small end of the rod. Wondering if this could be my problem but the piston pin doesn't look like it has any galling just normal wear. Here are some pictures, any input is great
  21. Bike is all stock no change in maps, oil was a little dirty nothing crazy, rings look fine with little to no wear and the rings were a little tight to get out of the piston
  22. That's what I was thinking but that all looks and measured out good. Everything spins free, nothing binds or is out of wack. I'm thinking defective piston
  23. D.i.D ert2 gold chain Renthal sprockets Moto seat, seat covers
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