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  1. fr96ss

    Stock tank caps- unique issue

    its a california tank. that s why
  2. fr96ss

    TT-FCR Qs (not jetting questions)

    Try raising the idle a little
  3. fr96ss

    How to tell between an E and S/SM air box...?

    The stock e air box is the one pictured above however if you measure the opening it is larger than 3x3.
  4. fr96ss

    cost to mount tires on sm

    I just changed my stock rear tire. It was a dam nightmare trying to break that bead. I will be buying a tire changer real soon.
  5. fr96ss

    advice on price

    Find a new one if you look you may be able to get an 09 leftover for 5300-5500 otd. 12k is a lot of mileage especially if the bike isn’t meticulously maintained.
  6. Try shinko Podiums 150/60/17 see if you can get one of those over there. Also if you have the stock dunlops on the bike you do not have to get a new tube with a 150/60/17 as the stock tube is also marked for that size. It will save you some money. I found out after I dismounted the tire. I could have reused my stock tube which there was nothing wrong with.
  7. fr96ss

    Who produces aftermarket fork springs for the SM?

    http://www.hyperprousa.com i have a set on order should be shipping next week some time.
  8. fr96ss

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    put on my new corbin seat
  9. fr96ss

    Happy Birthday Eddie....

    Happy Birthday Eddie!
  10. fr96ss

    Free power mod question

    thanks! ill go with the marine wire i like to do things once and once only!
  11. fr96ss

    Free power mod question

    Ok quick question if the original wires out or the regulator are 18g then why use 14g wire. Can I just use the same size wire or a little bigger like 16g thanks.
  12. fr96ss

    dunlop 208 why the bad rep

    my stock d208 rear tire has 3500 miles on it and the center is just about to the wear bars
  13. fr96ss

    Taillight/Turn indicator Options?

    the uk tail light is cool but i cant seem to find a part number to order one
  14. fr96ss

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    installed dirtbagz saddle bags
  15. fr96ss

    Supertrapp IDS2 Racing Exhaust

    thanks i ordered one today for my sm ill let everyone know how it is.