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  1. dragshotz

    WTB used TE-510, but where are they?

    '07 TE, less than 350 miles. all the usual mods, JD jet kit, uncorked exhaust, front and rear disk protectors, case saver, Skid plate, pro-bends, replaced seat foam with softer one, New rear tire (Pirelli) Never raced, just trail ridden by an old dude. No time to ride so the wife says it has to go... Offers?? Bike is in Dallas TX, may be able to deliver to Los Angeles area in Jan/Feb Chris worldracingmedia@yahoo.com
  2. dragshotz

    **BEWARE** My 07 TC 450's Crank Case Cracked

    This happened to my 07 TE 510 last August- I am still waiting to get my bike back from my dealer...months of waiting for parts, then recieving damaged parts and so on....I got a call last week from my dealer and he said they had finally finished the bike and the base gasket was seeping so they had to put a new one in...I'm still waiting! My bike had less than 400 miles on it when it happened so Husky are covering it but I will think twice before buying another one!
  3. dragshotz

    2007 TE510 Broken Kickstart Shaft?

    Mine broke (07TE) Last July...still at the dealers waiting for a $2 part from Italy, Unfortunately when the shaft broke it also took out the clutch cover and the crankcase. Husky did warrantee it all though, just a pain not having the bike for so long...
  4. Due to a sudden issue with the old ticker I am probably going to have to let go of my TE 510. The problem is that I have no idea what she's worth... It's in pretty much as-new condition with the following mods: Cycra Pro Bends Rooster Skid Plate Rooster Disc protectors front and rear. Rooster case saver. JD jet kit. Unplugged stock exhaust. Guts, soft foam seat. It has less than 400 miles on it and has been serviced to Husky spec. I hardly ever rode the bike and when I did it was just gently trail ridden. I hate to sell the bike but Medical bill's are killing me blah blah blah... So, what do you guy's reckon I should ask for it???
  5. dragshotz

    High ratio 5th-6th gears

    Sorry for the delay guy's. I am heading out to the West Coast in three weeks, part of the trip will be spent test-fitting parts and doing some riding. He said it's proving a little more difficult than he anticipated but he will have the parts ready when I arrive. Fingers crossed!
  6. dragshotz

    High ratio 5th-6th gears

    I sent my casings and gear cluster to my friend today....Keeping my fingers crossed for good news soon. I'll keep you all updated.
  7. dragshotz

    High ratio 5th-6th gears

    I agree, 1st thru 4th seem OK to me, I would just like a "Highway" 6th with 5th somewhere in-between. Of course cost is also a factor and if it can be done and be affordable I reckon it would be a popular conversion.
  8. dragshotz

    High ratio 5th-6th gears

    I have a '07 TE510 and it's pretty much a perfect bike for me except for the gear ratios. In my opinion the bike needs a higher top gear for the occasional highway and high speed use. I work in the car racing business and recently had an interesting chat with a friend who manufactures racing transmissions for use in F1, and other types of car racing. This guy really knows his stuff and he asked me to send him my casings and transmission cluster to see if it's viable to make the parts to raise 5th and 6th gears. He indicated that it should be fairly straightforward and pretty affordable to do! I will be dropping the parts off at his facility next month and I'll keep you all up to date as and when he figures it out...
  9. I have had my 07 TE510 since December and it has proven to be very reliable up until Saturday....The bike had not been ridden for a couple of weeks and the battery was flat so I used the kick start for the first time-after two kicks the kick start felt "Strange" and I checked it out. The cluch cover had cracked where the shaft comes out and the shaft and lever were at a strange angle. Has anyone else had an issue with this? Anyone with the parts in stock- I am on the road for weeks at a time with my job and my bike travels with me so getting the bike back to my local dealer for repair is not an option, I would rather buy the parts and get it fixed asap. Thanks
  10. dragshotz

    DYI Fan Kit

    I just ordered a fan from an '07 TE610 to do the same thing on my TE510, The fan/shroud fits the 510 radiator without needing too much trimming.
  11. dragshotz

    Help Me with My Decision.

    My stickers are also coming adrift-probably bad adhesive or release agent left on the plastic parts...other than that my 510 is perfect.
  12. I just got my 510 last week and just like everyone else (or so it seems) I got a JD jet kit. I also took out the restricter tube in the muffler-(still not loud but seems less restrictive especially at higher RPM) I installed the jet kit following the instructions (using the red needle) and the bike was pretty good but seemed a bit lean to me. Ran a little hot and popped on decelleration pretty badly. It's been a little chilly down here in Dallas lately so I thought I'd try changing the jetting so last night I swapped out the needle for the blue version (Pos # 4), Changed the main jet from a 180 to 185 and backed out the fuel screw 1/2 turn. I just got back from a test ride and all I can say is Wow! A huge difference in power- Bike lifts the front wheel on the throttle in 1st thru 5th (Even with my fat ass on it) and throttle response is instant. It idles nicely and the popping is almost eliminated. (IMO a little popping is normal especially with the de-restricted exhaust) I will have to make changes as the weather gets warmer but for now the jetting seems pretty close- I will probably put the TE on the dyno with a wide-band 02 meter to fine tune and get a decent baseline for future mods (I'll post the results) but I'm pretty happy for now. I spent most of the last week going over the bike with a fine toothcomb...Found very few problems, a couple of bolts that could have been tighter and I re-routed the carb drains and waterproofed the electrics- Greased the head bearings - changed to a 15t front sprocket and added a home-made mid-pipe guard after my new boots started melting My dealer just called to tell me my Cycra Pro-bends have arrived so I'll get them bolted on today and I have Rooster disc guards, case saver and skid plate on the way. I also ordered a Guts medium seat foam and cover (Stock seat is painfully hard and I'm an old fart so I sit down a lot!). Once that is all installed I'll get some decent off-road time on the bike and start tweaking the suspension once its settled down a little. Lastly I have to say a big thanks to the guys at Cycle Town South in Lancaster, Texas for taking great care of me and helping an old racer work his way through his mid-life crisis. (My long suffering wifes only comment when I told her I was buying a bike: " At least it's cheaper than a red Corvette but make sure you upgrade your life insurance" )
  13. dragshotz

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    It actually looks like the weather is pretty good ! I spent three months in Norway once -Jan-march and it was sub-zero temps every day. Mind you it was in the far north well inside the artic circle, I have never been so cold! I enjoyed Norway a lot mind you, stunning scenery and fantastic riding...
  14. dragshotz

    '07 610 fan on TE510?

    I dropped by my dealers yesterday and noticed the 07 TE610 comes with a really compact electric fan. Anyone thought about using the same unit on the TE510?? I haven't had any cooling issues as yet but I am a certified member of the "Cooler has to be better" school of thought...I'll probably order one on Monday and give it a try. Cheers
  15. dragshotz

    '07 TE510 picked up today! Couple of questions,

    Thanks for the heads up Guys, I'll keep the can un-molested and order a JD Kit. I should have the break-in completed today and then the fun will start!