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  1. orange250

    Rampart Range

    The tornado yesterday was out in the 717 area. Near road 357. That thing was a monster. I thought it was headed straight at my house. Then having a reverse 911 call and the police going door to door telling you to get in the basement that there was a tornado on the ground headed your way was pretty scarry.
  2. orange250

    Rampart Range

    Woodland park is 10miles from riding at Rampart. Just go down highway 67 to Rainbow falls. Look for all of the kwads doing donuts in the parking lot. Rampart is a fine place to ride with the family. If you are an experienced rider you may find it a little boring on the kwad trails. 717 is very close to woodland park and offers trails that are a little more challenging in general but still pretty family friendly. Woodland park is at 8500ft. I live in Woodland Park and can ride my bike to either Rampart or 717.
  3. orange250

    Any good Singletrack right near Colorado Springs??

    The direction are good. The hill on top of 21st is Lower gold camp. You will turn left onto Bear Creek and then left onto Gold Camp again. Gold Camp will turn into dirt and right before the first tunnell is the parking lot. Watch for bikers the first few miles but after that I wouldn't worry too much. It is way to wet up there to want to ride a mountain bike right now. This is a great trail but very busy. True single track that is very popular with downhill mountain bikers. If you only have 1 day this would be a fun place. I would recommend going up capt jacks (stay right) and coming down pipeline if it is clear. As of last week there was still too much snow but it may be clear now. The best thing about this trail is it will not get muddy. Actually the more moisture the better the traction. It is all decomposing granite Summer time is like riding on marbles
  4. orange250

    Anyone else going to see The Police?

    I thought about it but at 250 bucks for the tickets that was equivalent to a stearing damper. so I won't be seeing the police with my wife but I will be using a new scotts damper for a long time.
  5. orange250

    Possibly moving to Colorado...info pls.

    Colorado Springs is great if you can get past the bible thumpers. A pretty diverse economy but growing rapidly with all of the military. Lots of jobs with Government support contractors. I personally live in Woodland Park about 20minutes from colorado springs in the mountains. Elevation 8500ft and miles and miles of off-road trails right out my door.
  6. orange250

    Dual Sporting Laws In CO?

    I have plated both of my bikes. The 2 stroke I just took to jiffy lube and had them do the vin verification put a mirror and squeeze horn on it and called it good. My new 4 stroke the dealer did the whole thing for me. It cost $300. they put the light kit on, brake light, electric horn (also known as the get the f''''' out of the way button), and they filed the title paper work. When you get the insurance I suggest checking into full coverage. I was amazed progressive gave me full coverage on 2 dirt bikes, hit a tree covered, someone steals the bike-covered even some medical coverage to boot. It cost me $550 per year to insure 2 dirt bikes and a ducati: (the dirt bikes are less then 200). House in telluride?? That is too bad:worthy:
  7. orange250

    What hand guards fit?

    I agree with Sauce. The Fastway's are the way to go. I just put some on my new bike and they have a super clean look and easy installation. The scott's damper also bolts right on.