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  1. Spent 10 days out in Death Valley earlier this year with the 690. Here's a picture video of places I rode. Put over 600 miles in the area.
  2. Motocopter


    My 690 has the Cycra handguards as well as shorty levers. They are shorty levers really in name only as the clutch is nearly as long as the OEM Magura lever. The OEM levers are spares in the Wolfman E12's.
  3. Motocopter

    Why buy just one?

    Well, there's an idea!
  4. Motocopter

    Riding Gear

    Am I just not seeing forums for riding gear? Just might be useful if they do not exist. Jackets Helmets Boots Armor Gloves
  5. Who is signed up for the 2017 ADV Rally in Gunnison, CO this year? July 13-16. www.advrally.com
  6. Dedicated 690 Enduro picture thread? Great idea! Here's one. Titus Canyon of the DVNP.
  7. Motocopter

    2017 690 enduro r

    It will work. Now that I have put some good miles on the 690, it seems the heat from the exhaust may not be as hot as others describe. At least it is not with my experience so far.
  8. Motocopter

    690 Enduro protection cage

    I do like the lower section of the Rumbux bars.
  9. Motocopter

    2017 690 enduro r

    This is what I put under the left side panel, near the front: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1344/-/107062/Lexx-Heat-Tile-6"x3"?gclid=CNLoorWh2dMCFdgGgQod29kGXw There are two in a the package. I suppose anything is better than none.
  10. Motocopter

    2017 690 enduro r

    Waaay back as a teen-ager and with my new Honda MT125, I could do these on pavement. That bike was so light and not very tall. Now, conditions have to be just right for me to pull it off, otherwise it's like a multi-point turn.
  11. Motocopter

    2017 690 enduro r

    Same here. Had to fiddle with spring preloads and forks-in-the-clamps positioning to squat the bike about 2 inches. Still have had two tip-overs off-pavement--same thing with the WRF. I have been able to get a foot down and do a quick spin to get turned around.
  12. Motocopter

    690 Enduro R Power Port Options?

    Yup, you have them in sight. What I needed was USB-2 power for my Garmin. So, I wired directly to the switched power. Haven't found a need for other uses yet. The cell phone goes into airplane mode to save the charge until needed.
  13. Motocopter

    2014 690R in my sights

    @manningtanner this is how I got to my riding areas last month. Once I got to areas I wanted to ride, I just pulled up the tracks in the Garmin and went riding--no camping gear to lug around. My E12 bags have tubes, levers, shifter, and tools. Sometimes lunch is in there too. Heading back out again mid-month. I've left the trailer and 690 in Colorado temporarily.
  14. Motocopter

    KTM 690 vs DRZ 400 S

    Yes! For sure. I did even try stock gearing off-road and pre-emptively went up three teeth on the rear sprocket size. Glad I did. Some loose-rock steep grades in Death Valley proved that this bike is tractor-like. Also, my pre-run at LBL prior to heading west, at on moment after bouncing over rocks and stuff, it seemed the engine was about one revolution from a stall; but, just a touch a throttle and it motored up the rest of climb. At the top were two fellas with their Razors. If I could read their minds as they watched me pass and keep going, I'd suspect they may have had a bit of disbelief. Here is one photo from the DV ride last month. You can see sand followed by rocks. The final mile or so up Mengel Pass was alternating between the two. Momentum is key. Coming down, I could stop for a photo.
  15. @Flagstaff I have considered to keep a spare set of upper tank bolts on hand, maybe even in the E12's. I use a Prerun rack and occasionally carry a one-gallon Rotopax gas jug. Maybe I should add a bit more priority in getting those bolts.