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  1. Hey guys! I know alot of you are not close to the area here but for those of you who are we need some feedback and support. The Port Huron Motorcycle Club announced last Fall that they had opened a practice track. This was basically at the beginning of the off-season and due to the nature of the weather and time, they really didn't receive much feedback or attendance. I'm trying to get the word out again that the PHMC plans to expand greatly on their current practice track and they are looking for riders for ideas. I talked to Doug from the PHMC and he explained that they really dont have much to go on, because no one attends the meetings that are MXer's. These guys hold dirt track races and the like so I think the lifespan of this track would be a long one. WE JUST NEED TO BE INVOLVED!!!!! All they are looking for is interest in attending the track, track layout ideas, days and times that are suitable, and class, practice session times (i.e. 20 or 15 min. rotations, preferable class splitting, etc.) Its as simple as that. So get the word out there and even if you cant attend the meetings then just shoot an e-mail to the club. Website http://www.phmc-usa.com/ MySpace http://www.myspace.com/porthuronmotorcycleclub Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PortHuronMotorcycleClub E-Mail phmc123@gmail.com <phmc123@gmail.com>
  2. JES_934_YZ125

    its that time of year, WHOS GOIN TO THE BRAWL???

    I'll be running the 125 B/C class. Maybe I'll head out to the Sandbox then if Todd is running.
  3. JES_934_YZ125

    its that time of year, WHOS GOIN TO THE BRAWL???

    I'm planning on goin Fri. 4th and staying all weekend. It will be my first time so I'm pretty excited. Hopefully goin this Sun. for practice, haven't seen any of the track changes yet.
  4. JES_934_YZ125

    New McCullochs indoor motocross

    They posted up some pics of the the finished track. Opening is still scheduled for the 13th. See ya there!
  5. JES_934_YZ125

    New McCullochs indoor motocross

    I was there Tuesday and walked the track with Jon. The track has something for all skill levels and the width of each lane is going to make it very comfortable to ride. They didnt have the track completely polished due to the dirt still clumping alot from moisture. So once the dirt dries a little bit then they will finish it. The open house is scheduled for November 13th and that weekend it will be open for riding. Keep checking the website to make sure they dont switch the opening dates, just incase they have some kind of emergency set back. Oh and Iroc, the R/C track looks beautiful. Your bro did a quality job as always!
  6. JES_934_YZ125

    Anaheim 1986 Supercross

    I would love to see that, so please please upload it!!! Here is some footage of a British GP from the 60's that I found on Google. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-893439010780868898&q=Motocross
  7. JES_934_YZ125

    Wooo!!! Finally

    Congrats man! I hope everything goes well for u in the future on the Blue Bee. I know how it feels, Its not nearly as extensive as your bike but I had my 3rd gear seize to the shaft about a year ago and that was a job. I just finished doing my top-end about an hour ago, I swear one of the greatest things is to hear your bike start up again after having it apart. Pure Joy:ride:
  8. JES_934_YZ125

    Whats your number?

    I chose #934 cause I like David Vuillemen and that was his # when he first came to the states. Long live the Cobra!!!!
  9. JES_934_YZ125

    30 Second Board Girl?

    I didnt see the girl for the Endurocross but the board girls for Supercross get those hips shakin back and forth, I think I would have a hard time watching the gate.
  10. JES_934_YZ125

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    Hey CaptDan you should check out the MIdirtriders.com website, we're planning a private ride and still looking for some other riders to go so check out the thread and give a holler. http://midirtriders.com/vbulletin/forum/showthread.php?t=639
  11. JES_934_YZ125

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    '02 YZ 125 Two-Smoker for life, if they keep makin'em I'll keep buyin'em
  12. JES_934_YZ125

    cold weather break-in

    I will be re-building my top-end next week and its cold up here in Mich. (25-35 deg. F) So, I was wondering if there were any prob I would encounter on break-in or measures I should take to have a proper break-in in this cold weather. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. JES_934_YZ125

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    I agree with Moe, its not easy for him to change the track but I'm so glad I have a place to ride in the winter thats closer to me than Pro Source. Carl is a great guy and so are all the people that work there. I dont mind riding the same track everytime I go as long as I have a place to ride in the winter. Rock On McCullochs!!
  14. JES_934_YZ125

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    I dont know the exact layout from opening day but I saw the back straight had minor re-working done into a couple different option sections. I have seen on the website when it first opened that it appeared to have the back section in one uniform jump combo (ie. two doubles straight up with no option) I would like to see the straight re-done in this style for a couple days just for something diff.
  15. JES_934_YZ125

    What's your favorite 2 stroke oil?

    I run Bel-Ray H1R at 32:1 in my '02 YZ125. I was running Yamalube for awhile but figured I'd try something different.