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  1. roostfodder

    "stomp on the Peg and all is perfect?

    trying to balance mine to at the mo, same prob as you, do the balance test and the forks are stiff, i have resprung both shock and forks but with different makes of spring, i'm starting to think that might be the problem, how did you balance yours in the end? was it just a matter of setting the clickers
  2. roostfodder

    Upside down, reversed gearshift

    I used to do road racing then decided it was time to get dirty, one of the reasons i changed the road bike was as NorCalRider said, you get your foot jammed between road and bike, but the main reason i did it was to stop hitting neutral, i would rather miss a gear going down than going up
  3. roostfodder

    Upside down, reversed gearshift

    Was wondering if anyone had ever tried to reverse the gearshift(down for up a gear) on there bike. My road bike runs with the gears reversed and sometimes i have to think about which way to change up and down when i get on the CRF
  4. roostfodder

    Suspension Balance 03 CRF450

    Running the sag at 95 was in the hope that it would turn better, but i see your point, i'll have a play with the clickers and sag this weekend and see if i can get it all working a bit better
  5. roostfodder

    What did they change?

    The biggest change was the Frame, the twin spa's are thinner on the 05, out of the 2 i would definately go for the 05, you can use parts from 06,07 and 08 models like plastics etc where-as you couldn't with the 04. For more info search the net for a test on the 05 and it will list the things that are updated from the 04
  6. roostfodder

    Enough Oil On Air Filter? *Pics*

    I use the Putoline kit which is very good, would imagine you can get it in the US http://www.ridemx.co.uk/MotoCross/Shop/Oil/Putoline/245_Action_Filter_Kit.htm
  7. roostfodder

    Suspension Balance 03 CRF450

    I have just rebuild my suspenders front and rear with new oil/bushes etc. I also got a set of springs for my weight(147lbs) .43 front and 5.1 rear. The problem is when i push down on the footpeg the rear squats but the forks don't budge unless i lean right over the front of the bike. Once past the initial harshness they seem to be ok, using all of the travel and bottoming when i overjump a tabletop. my current settings are. Front 355mm of oil, Comp 7 out from hard, Reb 7 out from soft Rear Sag 95mm Hi speed comp 2 turns out comp 7 out from full hard Reb 10 out from full hard I like the way the back of the bike handles but I would like to get rid of the initial harshness of the forks and get both front and rear balanced. Could it be I made a mistake putting the forks together, or are my clicker settings whats causing the problems?
  8. roostfodder

    Who's still riding a '02 to '04 450?

    Riding an 03 and don't think i'll be changing for another season(had it 2 already and can't see me being any faster on an 08) just about to get the shock shaft rechromed, might even splash out on a DLC coating :-)
  9. roostfodder

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    5'10 and 145lbs on a CRF450
  10. roostfodder

    Shawn Mc's Fork Seal Replacement Procedure

    You've lost me, have another look at your manual to check you have done everything correctly, 200ml should be enough to squirt oil out when you reinstall the compression click assembly(Mid valve)
  11. roostfodder

    Springs Stuck - Showa TCs

    Basically your stuck with that spring set up now unless you replace that lower leg
  12. roostfodder

    excell rim width

    Standard they are 2.15x19 if that helps
  13. roostfodder

    Shawn Mc's Fork Seal Replacement Procedure

    not totally sure what you mean, but if your putting the entire compression clicker assembly (#15 on the diagram from page 1 of this thread) back in the damper, then that takes a good bit of force because you have to push the excess oil out as the clicker assembly goes in
  14. roostfodder

    Shawn Mc's Fork Seal Replacement Procedure

    yep you were right i had air in there, i bled them again but this time i used short strokes at the bottom then let em sit for 30mins, i did this twice and now they both return at the same speed
  15. roostfodder

    Shawn Mc's Fork Seal Replacement Procedure

    I have just changed the oil in the inner chambers and both dampers are returning all the way when compressed completely, the thing i have noticed is, one damper is returning faster than the other, the fast one finishes and the other one still has about an inch-inch and a half left to travel, would air in the damper cause this? Has anyone else noticed this when changing there fork oil?