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  1. No one???
  2. Happy New Year everyone! I've enjoyed you posts and repies Old Man. Take care.
  3. My '06 450X finally needs a battery. A couple of years ago, Jimmy Lewis did an article on electrical systems in Dirt Rider, and the bike he was using for the article was a 450X. In the article he mentioned a replacement battery that was a little bigger, provided more cranking power, and still fit fine. Does anyone have any idea what that was. By the way, I would have needed a battery a long time ago if it wasn't for the Battery Tender.
  4. Meow!
  5. 44. First time riding was at Jawbone in "76 on an XR75, second time was in the San Bernadino mountains in 1988 on a 250R atc. 12 years of of frustration. 250R atc, 250R quad, 750 Nighthawk, XR600, and my beloved 450X. I suck, but I can't imagine not exploring our great wide open spaces from my dirtbike with my son and my friends.
  6. Name brand 91 or 92. Whatever you do, don't run Costco gas. It completely clogged my jets.
  7. Mine looked the same after the first day of riding.
  8. Call Precision Concepts.
  9. Well said. Try to find a used 450X.
  10. Call Precision Concepts.
  11. My son had an xr70 when he was 7 or 8, and when we would go out on desert trails with his friends who had 65s he would start swapping real bad trying to keep up with them when it got a little rough. I got him an rm65 and to me it seemed a lot safer because of the better suspension. It also taught him to be a better rider using the clutch and the 2stroke power band. The 70 is a great reliable bike, but it goes plenty fast to get into trouble and get hurt.
  12. Supercross

    RJ, Stanton, Wardy, MC, RC, and Henry is my hero!
  13. I saw Gary Jones racing a 450X at the Four Stroke Nationals at Glen Helen and he smoked all the other old guys. But his face is also on the walk of fame so maybe it had a little to do with the rider.
  14. I gotta go with the ProGrip. Keep them in the bag they come in, clean them with the same bag, and wash it when it gets too dirty. Mine are going strong after more than two years.
  15. R for the track. X for the desert. The gearing alone seems to be a pretty significant difference.