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  1. jperezgdt

    Dr. Mark, ACL

    Thanks alot for your reply. I'll keep on wit the exercises and I guess time will tell. If I decide to get it done I think you will be seeing me in Houston. Again Thanks for your time.
  2. jperezgdt

    who else is injured?

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=470463 Read my post, you are not alone This sucks :ride:sucks:foul: :applause:
  3. jperezgdt

    Dr. Mark, ACL

    Hello Dr. Mark, I'd like to start off by saying thanks for participating and taking time to provide hope and motivation to all of us, the unfortunate crippled riders. I just recently started riding. It started off with company team building event to Ocotillo Wells here in CA late last fall where we rented a bunch of quads. It was my first time in the riding environment and let me tell you I was a very happy camper. Anyway needless to say Christmas was coming I told the wife we should get the youngest boy a bike and then what about the oldest and me and..... Well everything was fine and dandy after Christmas and most of January all we did was easy trail rides close by. Until 1-20-07 while riding super slow I tipped over on my RM250 and I fell, kind of weird on my right side with some twisting action on my right knee and my leg kind of hanging on off the edge of a downhill with the bike still putting some weight making it very painful. I was helped onto a quad then driven to the ER where they said I sprained my knee X-ray was fine. Went to the Orthopedic and he said X-ray looks good but I think you partially tore of some of your ligaments and meniscus, you probably need minor surgery lets start exercising your knee and getting the swelling down with ice and elevation but come talk to me after an MRI. MRI confirmed ligament damage as well as meniscus. I had a successful Knee Arthroscopy on 2-2-07 in which he removed the damaged meniscus and saw that I had an approximate 50% tear of my ACL which he said is more than he expected but it puts me in a gray area as far as reconstruction as he says it may or may not affect my activities to an annoying level. My question to you is, what, can I do in order to try and get as much out of the ACL I have left and not have to have a reconstruction at least for as long as I can? I've read a lot of the posts you have replied to and looked over your site and am very pleased with the wealth of knowledge and comfort that I found and that a reconstruction can be so successful but I'm sure everyone can agree it’s and experience better off not needing. The time off work and especially the time before you ride again. So is there anything you would recommend? (Of course I would ask my Drs opinion before moving forward with it; which by the way seems to be an ok Dr just not a rider too bad I'm not in Houston). Is there any type of exercises that would help? I currently do 20ea straight leg stretch to help the top of my leg and leg raises as I lay flat followed by 10-15 minutes on my stationary bike followed by some icing and elevation (first week was heel slides as I could not bend my leg enough for the bike) I started to walk without crutches this week he said I could do it right after surgery but I was a little scared and he also said walking doesn't really help it. I'm also 6' 300 lbs and plan on going on a much needed weight loss diet and increasing my exercise routine. Well Dr Mark, thank you for your time. I'm anxiously waiting for your reply.
  4. jperezgdt

    12 yr old and a TTR 125 or RM 100

    Great decision, keep the RM100. I just put a 12 oz Steahly flywheel weight on my son's kx100 and it made a world of difference smoothing out the power throughout with less stalling on trails. I went with the largest because I was told by the tech support that I could send it back to them and they would shave off weight for $20 if I wanted to or I could have it done a local machine shop. I got mine from rockymountainatv.com for $92.99 and also picked up their Steahly Engine Lock up Tool for $9.20 which totaled over $100 qualifying me for free shipping. They had great customer service and delivered it within 2 business days. Well everything was a direct bolt the only special thing I needed was a torque wrench (not too special) took about 15 minutes.
  5. jperezgdt

    KX100 Broken Shift Shaft

    Thanks Guys, I just ordered the parts I think I'll need. I'm going to take it apart sometime this week and see how it goes. I'll keep you updated. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. jperezgdt

    KX100 Broken Shift Shaft

    How much did the shop charge to change it? Anyone done this succesfully?
  7. jperezgdt

    KX100 Broken Shift Shaft

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has had to replace the shift shaft on one of these (kx100 2002). My son broke it over the weekend. It broke on the smooth part between the grooves. I have the Clymer manual and from doing some research it seems like I just need to take the right engine cover off and I should be able to slide it out. Could someone please comment on your experiences and any tips or suggestions?
  8. jperezgdt

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    What is the purpose of this thread? Other than the ovious.
  9. jperezgdt

    Beginner Bike TT-R125L or CRF-150F?

    Thanks, I'll start looking for a yz85. Anyone have any experience with the KX100 vs the yz85?
  10. jperezgdt

    Beginner Bike TT-R125L or CRF-150F?

    I would like to get him something like a kx125 (seat height 37.2") or a yz 125 (seat height 39") but the seat heights seem to high to learn on as I think he will have to be placing his feet on the ground many times; which why I liked the kx100 at only 34.4" mybe even a yz85 at 34". Also the weight on the 125's is about 200 lbs compared to only 150 of the kx100 and yz85 not to mention the thottle respose on those larger motors. I'm just not sure anymore. What do you think? Thanks.
  11. jperezgdt

    Beginner Bike TT-R125L or CRF-150F?

    Could someone please comment on the 2002 KX100. Thanks
  12. jperezgdt

    Beginner Bike TT-R125L or CRF-150F?

    Small correction on my son's size, he is 5' 7" 130 lbs Thanks everyone.
  13. jperezgdt

    Beginner Bike TT-R125L or CRF-150F?

    Thanks for your responses everyone, I was set on one of those bikes thinking it would be good for him to start with and I could have a brand new bike that I would be able to pass on to my other son after. But after reading your comments I'm beginning to fold for a smaller 2 stroke which would have to be used (pre 2002 CA Green Sticker). I compared a 2002KX100 (bike recommended by BlackWidow) to the 2005 crf150 and the weight difference is a hefty 66lbs which I think is a lot. I did however see that the seat height is 34.3" compared to only 32.5" on the honda which a little tall for my taste to learn on but I'm not sure. Is there any mods I could make to make it shorter if needed also if needed put a governor on the throttle so is not as jumpy. I saw a 2002 KX100 with Excellent Condition. Pro Circuit Pipe, Pro Taper Bars, ASB Clutch Lever, Gold Excel Rims, N Syle Graphics, New Seat Cover for $1400. What do you think? Thanks Jose
  14. jperezgdt

    Beginner Bike TT-R125L or CRF-150F?

    Thanks could someone also please respond from the passing it on to the younger boy afterwards point of you. Thanks again everyone.