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  1. scotty73g

    1980 XL500S help

    I just picked up a 1980 XL500 in pretty good condition. Cleaned the carbs and she started right up. After riding for a few weeks I could feel the swingarm bearings starting to go and need to replace them. Does anyone know what years of the XL500 are grouped together when ordering parts? I can only find swingarm bearings for an 81 or 82. Are the 80, 81, and 82 basically the same bike? Also, does anyone know of a good site for parts?
  2. scotty73g

    thumpstar forks?

    hey im just wandering how the thumpstar forks are. this kid i know has some fairly new ones he getting rid of and he said $100. They seem heavy as shit. They are off of the regular thumpstar 125. Just wanted to know if it would be worth it for a cheap fix. I have an import and the forks are complete shit thanks
  3. hey im looking to buy an extended swingarm and shock. My Mind was set on the staggs 2" extended swingarm for $120 but i saw a extended swing arm on ebay for $80. i was wandering if someone could check this out for me and let me know if these things are junk or not. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/17-RACE-ALUM-EXTENDED-SWINGARM-CRF-XR-50-XR50-CRF50-70_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35592QQihZ005QQitemZ150086422595 I was also wandering if anyone new of a cheap but good shock that is fully adjuistable and nitrogen filled Thanks
  4. Im looking ot get a front end on my 50. I was wandering how the staggs conventional forks are and how they hold up. Im a 150lb rider and am looking ot do a little bit of jumping , nothing too extreme. How are the Staggs?
  5. Im looking to get a new swing arm rear shock and new front forks. Im guessing i should start with the swingarm and shock.i just wanted to know if anyone has seen or had or ridden on the staggsminis.com staggs racing 2"+ aluminum swing arm. Also the staggs shock for the a-style swingarm. It seems like a really good deal. Anyone see anythign better for the price.
  6. scotty73g

    Crf 50 suspension help

    Do you know how much of an extension the staggs conventional forks have over the stock. 1" 2"? And do you know someone who has them. They look solid but you cant always go by looks.
  7. I have a crf 50 replica and it basically needs a whole new front end. Suspension, triplle clamps, bars and everything. Im not looking to spend much money but was wandering what the best solution would be for new suspension. I heard that crf 70 suspension with stiffer springs was good. Is it? Any other information would be appreciatted